Shopping: Making Plans in 2012

For me the new year is a clean, fresh start. For me that means a fresh, clean planner. With 2012 right around the corner I’ve been hunting for the perfect planner. For me a perfect planner has a page for every day, is pretty enough to display on my desk proudly and has plenty of room for notes. I’m still narrowing down my favorites but here’s some fun options.

The Kate Spade Planner is the one to which all others should be measured. Unfortunately it’s price tag has kept me searching.

Laurel Denise Planner

I love this large format planner from Laurel Denise and at $35 the price is right.

Sarah Pinto Planner

This bright and sunny planner from Sarah Pinto makes me smile. Especially since it’s only $20.

Emily Lea Simplified Planner

I stumbled upon this beauty on Etsy and it’s so charming and it can be monogrammed. Alas, it lacks my prerequisite page per day or I would be purchasing it now.

Graphic Image Planner

This Graphic Image planner may be the one. I love it but I am tempted by all of these lovelies. The most exciting part though is filling one up with plans with friends & family.

Cheers to a fun, fabulous and fruitful 2012!

Sparkle in the New Year

Hope you all had the best holiday – great times with family & friends as well as a couple fun presents thrown in for good measure.

Now that Christmas is behind us {boo} it’s time to move on to New Year’s. I’m in the camp that believes that New Year’s can get blown a little out of proportion. But, It is a perfect excuse to get together with friends and celebrate all that was the previous year and all that’s to come in the new one. It’s also the perfect excuse to dress up. There are very few occasions when a full-on sparkly, glittery look is appropriate but NYE is it. So take some inspiration from the sparkle below and get dolled up to ring in 2012.

And… I know you’ll be taking tons of pics with friends on NYE so send me a snap and I’ll post it here in 2012.

Image: The Glamourai
Image: Pinterest
Image: Small Shop Studio
Image: Pinterest
Image: J.Crew
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Here’s hoping your new year is filled with sparkle!

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