Style Spotting: Neon.

Last night I attended the very fun Kentucky Derby Festival Fashion show and so when getting ready for the day, I needed something that would go from work straight to the event. I opted for this bright top I picked up at ZARA while I was in NYC. I love the pop of color and the pleated sleeves. And it seemed just bold enough to make the transition from meetings to the festivities.(p.s. – I have no idea why I was obsessed with the hand on the hip pose yesterday – something about the shirt I guess.)

Anyone else anxious about tomorrow. I’m wearing my blue & white today and counting down til 6:05 tomorrow.

Top: ZARA; Pants: Banana Republic (old); Necklace: Stella & Dot; Sunglasses: Gap; Watch: Timex

Snap shots.

I’m too caught up in the basketball madness/anxiety over taking this city to string together a coherent post so I thought I’d just share some instagram (follow me @louwhatwear) photos I’ve been stockpiling over the last few weeks. Basically, it’s a photo recap of the month (and madness) of March.

p.s. – I’ll be attending the Kentucky Derby Festival Fashion Show tonight at Horseshoe Casino. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Clockwise: Pinterest inspired craft project; Mexico; Basic + a little sparkle for brunch; Bracelets

Clockwise: Madison Square Garden; NCAA Tournament Tickets; Cats Game & St. Patty’s Birthday celebration; YUM! Center

Clockwise: Spring Florals; Craft Club Project: Shoe Clips; Peddle Tavern-ing; Bright on bright.




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