Style Spotting: Neon.

Last night I attended the very fun Kentucky Derby Festival Fashion show and so when getting ready for the day, I needed something that would go from work straight to the event. I opted for this bright top I picked up at ZARA while I was in NYC. I love the pop of color and the pleated sleeves. And it seemed just bold enough to make the transition from meetings to the festivities.(p.s. – I have no idea why I was obsessed with the hand on the hip pose yesterday – something about the shirt I guess.)

Anyone else anxious about tomorrow. I’m wearing my blue & white today and counting down til 6:05 tomorrow.

Top: ZARA; Pants: Banana Republic (old); Necklace: Stella & Dot; Sunglasses: Gap; Watch: Timex

Snap shots.

I’m too caught up in the basketball madness/anxiety over taking this city to string together a coherent post so I thought I’d just share some instagram (follow me @louwhatwear) photos I’ve been stockpiling over the last few weeks. Basically, it’s a photo recap of the month (and madness) of March.

p.s. – I’ll be attending the Kentucky Derby Festival Fashion Show tonight at Horseshoe Casino. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

Clockwise: Pinterest inspired craft project; Mexico; Basic + a little sparkle for brunch; Bracelets

Clockwise: Madison Square Garden; NCAA Tournament Tickets; Cats Game & St. Patty’s Birthday celebration; YUM! Center

Clockwise: Spring Florals; Craft Club Project: Shoe Clips; Peddle Tavern-ing; Bright on bright.




Style Spotting: Peddling Through Nashville

Last weekend, I took a little drive south to Nashville to celebrate one of my best college pal’s Bachelorette festivities. We spent the day enjoying a local winery, a lazy afternoon of game playing & getting ready and then a night out on the town. After dinner we hopped on a peddle tavern which was so fun. It’s basically a giant, 16-person bar/bicycle. I tried to include a picture of all of us in front of it but it doesn’t do it justice, so I pulled some pics for you to check it out below. Basically, we biked with beverages (no worries – there was someone steering – we just provided the power) through the streets of Nashville. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the memo to wear comfortable shoes/pants on said bike so folks walking down the street may have seen a little more than they bargained for.

Emily looked ah-maz-ing in white while the rest of us donned our best basic black looks. Enjoy!

p.s. – I really want to get one of those peddle taverns up here in Louisville.


Dress: H&M, Shoes: Qupid

My friends and I decided to start a craft club. Basically, someone picks one item, this month it was shoe clips, and everyone has to make two. One for themselves and one to share. Maggie is showing off her feather clip creation.
Next month, we’re doing leather bracelets – and if you’re interested in joining, let me know. The more the merrier!

Dress: ASOS, Necklace: Spike the Punch

Sorry this one is so dark but I had to get a shot of the peddle tavern in with our lovely Nashville hostesses.

And finally, a shot of the peddle tavern so you can see what it looks like…


Women's Outlet - 728x90

Red & Blue Review

It is a crazy week here in Kentucky. For those of you who a. don’t live here. b. don’t care about college basketball, the fact that the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville are playing this Saturday in the Final Four won’t mean much. But for those of us that fit that criteria – this week is madness. So in honor of half Kentucky Final Four – I’m doing a little red & blue post to get everyone ready for the game.

We’re considering a trip to New Orleans (which could spell disaster for our divided alliances) and if so, I’ll be sure to snap a ton of pics of fab looking fans. Until then, who will you be rooting for this weekend?

Image: Lucy Laucht


Image: Pinterest via Say Yes to Hoboken


Image: Gap - P.s. - I have this and LOVE it!


Image: Kendi Everyday


Image: Pinterest


Image: What I Wore
Image: See Jane
Image: Tory Burch


Image: In Style



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