about lou what wear

Hi! I’m danielle.

If you’re wondering what the ‘Lou’ stands for it’s a shoutout to Louisville, KY – so yeah, you may want to reconsider emailing me with a ‘Dear Lou.’

I started Lou What Wear in September 2011 as a creative outlet when I was stuck in a thankless and uninspiring job – I’m sure you know the kind. Just a gal at a computer looking for a little aspirational inspiration. While I’m not working away in vain anymore, I am still keeping this little project up and running.

Lou What Wear is an outlet to showcase personal style – both mine and others as well as style inspiration, home decor, beauty and whatever else catches my eye. Oh and my love of television. I can’t get enough of talking about television (The Bachelor/ette is my guiltiest pleasure). Most importantly, all of this is done with a focus on life and style in Louisville, KY.

When I’m not blogging, you can find me working hard for the money at Boxcar Public Relations or chasing around my three kids – Drew (he’s the D3 I’m always referencing), Reese and Blake.  And yes, I know I am crazy for having three kids.


Likes: anything with stripes  *  trying out new restaurants  *  sneakers  *  the Kentucky Wildcats  *  the Miami Hurricanes  *  church picnics (beer, bingo, games, rides, fried chicken – what more could you possibly want in life?)  *  typography  *  pastel colored houses  *  bingo (no seriously, I love it)  *  television of all genres (it’s a problem)

Dislikes: slow drivers  *  loud talkers  *  leggings as pants  *  carrots *  the color orange (i think this and the carrots go together)  *  when your pants aren’t hemmed at the right spot (weird pet peeve right?)  *  the sound of cardboard on cardboard

Want to know anything else (doubtful, but hey who knows?) just email me at danielle@louwhatwear.com