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“Gah, she looks cute.” Don’t lie, you’ve said it. You’re surveying the room at (the bar, wedding, cocktail party, charity event) and you spot her. The best dressed girl there. She’s perfectly put together from top to bottom and suddenly you’re struck with a case of outfit jealousy.

Well, if you all can’t admit it, I will (maybe you’re that really cute girl and if so, I applaud you). I can get a pretty serious case of outfit jealousy from time to time. Whenever it strikes, I vow to never have it again and commit myself to mastering the art of styling so I can be “that girl” (the cute, pretty kind of that girl – Not the over-served, out of control kind of that girl) next time.

That’s the inspiration behind Lou What Wear.

Started in September 2011 as a creative outlet (when I was stuck in a thankless and uninspiring job – hallelujah that’s no longer the case), Lou What Wear is an outlet to showcase personal style, both mine and others, style inspiration, home decor, beauty and whatever else catches my eye. Most importantly, all of this is done with a focus on life and style in Louisville, KY.

After 4+ years, I’m still loving sharing a little style + beauty every day. Stop by for new posts Monday through Friday – who knows what you’ll find.

If you’re interested in collaborating, have a question or just want to chat, drop me a note  – [email protected]



Hi, I’m Danielle. When I’m not stalking parties for cute outfits and coveting other people’s good style, you can find me working hard for the money at Boxcar Public Relations

I love fashion, food, online shopping, the Kentucky Wildcats and Miami Hurricanes, church picnics, typography, travel, bingo (no seriously, I love it) and television of all genres (it’s a problem). Otherwise you can find me kicking it with the hubs and my two kiddos – Drew and Reese. Plus, I’ve got one more on the way in May (say a prayer for me).

Want to know anything else (doubtful, but hey who knows?) just email me at [email protected]

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