Favorite Things: My Fall Must See TV

Today is for reals, officially, the last day of summer. I know a lot of people (*cough * bloggers) relish the fall for the clothes (break out the boots and vests), pumpkin spice lattes and the change of seasons as an excuse to buy a new planner (okay, I kind of love that too). But for real,  I love the fall for an entirely separate reason – new television.

Yes, I know the new television model means there are shows starting throughout the year and that some of the best shows start at random times. My favorite show of all – Game of Thrones (yes, I know, nerd alert) – is one such show but the new season of network shows is a season of discovery for this television fanatic.

Anyone who knows me knows I love TV so it should come as no surprise to them that each fall, I comb through Entertainment Weekly’s annual preview of new shows to make my selections. It’s similar to what some people do when a new catalog comes – circling their favorites. Me on the other hand, I’m mentally planning out what will be filling up my DVR. Yes, I’m well aware of how ridiculous that is and frankly my darling, I don’t give a damn.

So if there are any fellow TV fanatics out there, here’s a few of the shows I’m looking forward to starting this season.

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* Scream Queens  Jamie Lee Curtis has been on just about every morning show promoting this horror/comedy hybrid from Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck). Despite the sensible orthopedic shoes she was wearing on this mornings third hour of Today (huzzah for a TV in my office!), I am in on this new show that also stars Lea Michele and Emma Roberts. It’s being billed as a Mean Girls meets Scream whodunit – what’s not to love?

The two sentence synopsis: Twenty years after a murder at Wallace University, another murder takes place on campus. Hijinks ensue as the body count grows.

I love Ryan Murphy shows, love a good murder mystery and can’t get enough of a good horror spoof so this is right up my alley. It starts tonight (September 22) at 8 pm on FOX.

* Blindspot This one started last night on NBC and I’m already antsy to watch it tonight on my DVR. In my mind, I see this as a DaVinci code meets Homeland meets Bourne Identity type show. I’m hoping for lots of action since I could use a new treadmill show. What’s a treadmill show you ask? A show with enough fast-paced action for me to forget how long I’ve been running on the treadmill that’s conveniently located in my basement.

The reviews aren’t stellar for this one but that’s never one to sway me (hell, I watched Revolution til the very end… still hoping for it to come back). This one is on Mondays at 10 pm on NBC.

* The Muppets Oh man oh man did I love The Muppets back in the day. Fozzie Bear is my dude. So I’ll be tuning in to see what’s in store for this new take on our favorite frog and fancy pig. The take this time is kind of a 30 Rock style look at what happens behind the scenes on Miss Piggy’s talk show.

The humor is supposed to be decidedly adult – think Muppets talking about drinking and sex, weird but awesome right? I may not watch this one live – Tuesdays at 8 pm on ABC – but will be adding it to the DVR to watch when the kiddos are still awake and a “grown up” show won’t work.

The Man in the High Castle More nerd alert stuff coming your way here but this show has got me all kinds of intrigued. Based on the Phillip K. Dick novel, this one is set in a world where the Axis wins World War II and America is split into a Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States. This whole alternate history thing already had me renewing my Amazon Prime membership but then there’s a twist. One of the main characters discovers a newsreel that suggests the Allies won the war and that there is a massive cover-up underway.

I’ve been on a mission for a really good mystery since LOST ended and I’m hoping this one is it. From the previews it’s giving off a X-Files, LOST meets The Americans vibe which has me all kinds of excited. Stream this one on Amazon beginning November 20th.

Quantico Yes, I know these kinds of Homeland-style shows never seem to do well on network TV but I’m willing to give this one a go. Billing itself as a more soap opera-style thriller, a bunch of FBI recruits are under the microscope after one of them executes one of the biggest terroist attacks since 9/11.

This one has me intrigued. Starts Sunday September 27th at 9 pm.


As for the returning shows, I could go on for days but I’m most looking forward to the returns of How to Get Away with Murder, Arrow (no shame in my game), The Blacklist, The Goldbergs (the funniest show you’re probably not watching), Empire and for the news nerd in me, 60 Minutes.

Last but not least if you’re looking for some new shows to stream – go watch Bloodline (it has nothing to do with vampires) on Netflix. You won’t regret it. I’ve also heard good stuff about Narcos but Drew started it without me (a serious crime in our relationship!).


Required Reading: Football and Fashion

While many of the bloggers in your feed flood it with pretty new things from fashion week, I’ll be coming live from the significantly less chic Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. On the bright side, they have lots of beer.

No but really, as much as I’d love to be taking in some shows from New York, I realize there’s not much to have FOMO about, other than maybe missing out on a Gigi sighting. Maybe that’s a sign that I’m getting older (woof) or that we’re saving up (and cutting back) to, hopefully, move in the next year. Either way I’ll be stalking shows online and through all those Instagram pics (some tips on that below).

Between the Canes last night, the Cards and Cats today and the first Dolphins game tomorrow – I’ve got way too much football to watch to worry about fashion week FOMO anyways.

NYFW Street Style * Fringe

* Starting things off with a shameless plug. Next week, I’m hosting a little mid-week shopping party at J.Crew with my pal Grace. Stop by The Paddock Shops on Wednesday September 16th from 6 to 8 pm for shopping, styling and sweet treats. And a sweet deal of 15% off (including all the new goodies) when you spend $125. I’m coveting this cozy flannel. 

* If you’re looking for some insider fashion week coverage, check out Le 21eme. Photographer Adam Katz Sindig shouts that he’s not a street style blog but he captures models and the fashion elite on the go better than almost anyone. I love the movement and detail in all his images.

* There’ll be no Serena Slam. Is Drake to Blame? 

* You’ve probably seen it by now but Justin and Jimmy are at it again. 

*  Love this article from Karen {Where Did You Get That?} on the current state of blogging. What do you think – do all blogs post the same thing? Has the rise of the medium made everything homogenized. I’d tend to say yes and am currently fighting a serious battle to stay away from the status quo.

* This article about two Gawker writers adventures at the LC Lauren Conrad show is all kinds of LOLZ.

No really, I laughed out loud while I sat alone watching the Miami football game. I had to do something to distract me from the mediocrity on the field. See I did it again – combined fashion with football.

* I fell in love with the silky trench Jacey {Damsel in Dior} wore last week but was decidedly less enthusiastic about the price tag. Then I stumbled upon this doppleganger  at a significantly more reasonable price tag and it was true love at first sight. Yes, it might not be as fancy but the $68 price tag made it twice as nice.

* Your favorite little kid needs this t-shirt. 

* Louisville Love: Have you tried out Joella’s Hot Chicken yet? I’m thinking that, by now, the long lines have subsided. I waited 45 minutes for take out the first week. Clearly I was dedicated to getting my hands on that fried chicken. 

Even if there’s a line, it’s worth the wait. Don’t wuss out, go with at least the ‘Hot’ level of chicken and try it with the Joe’s Sauce (I think that’s what it’s called). Make it a combo and be sure to get a soda. Not sure what the brand is it’s a soda fountain of those deliciously syrupy craft sodas. I got the Black Cherry and was in sugar heaven. They have thin fries – my favorite, country style green beans (with lots of bacon!) and a super rich white cheddar mac n cheese. You convinced yet?

*  Last but not least, have you seen the Petite Randy Moss DirecTV commercial? I’m a sucker for these commercials, they get me chuckling (sorry, it’s the most accurate description of what actually happens) every time. Oh and this couple’s Drunk History video of their relationship is all kinds of goals.

Image via The Cut. 

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