Favorite Things: 2014

This year has definitely been one of my favorite things. Lots of big changes but biggest of all – a new little lady joining our family. There’s been lots of ups and downs in life and looks (some of those late maternity looks were WOOF) but all in all 2014 was one for the books.

Before it’s on to 2015, here’s my fourteen favorite moments of the year along with fourteen favorites from this year’s posts.

14. Seeing Outkast at Forecastle Festival
13. Road tripping to Atlanta with Grace
12. That one time I was on Gap’s instagram
11. Seeing Dave Chappelle at The Palace
10. Setting up a Derby fashion shoot filled with pretty friends and great local boutiques
9. Trying out my hand at tennis (and Tuesday evening cocktails)
8. Taking a spontaneous trip to Disney World (which I do not recommend doing when 6 months pregnant- #neveragain) 
7. Throwing a killer Murder Mystery Party
6. Celebrating Christmas as a family of four (yikes, when did I get so old?)
5. Soaking up the sun and eating WAY too much Dairy Kastle every Saturday of the summer
4. Celebrating five fun years of marriage
3. Getting away for a long 4th of July weekend in NYC to celebrate two amazing friends
2. Snow day sledding with D3
1. Meeting little Reese Rudy for the first time.


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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

It’s time for a little Christmas break from the blog for me (let’s all be real, it’s a short one since I’ll be back to work on Monday so why not do a little blogging too). It’s been a great, fun and busy year and I’m in need of a digital detox, even if it is only for a couple days.

But before I head out, a big giant bear hug of a Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope Santa brings you exactly what you want and a lot of laughter, relaxation, cookies (so many cookies) and quality time with family and friends.

It’s been a wild and exciting year for me filled with lots of very high highs (a baby!) along with some lows and I really appreciate you all stopping in and reading what I’m up to (or more likely, what I’m wearing). Being pregnant on the blog was a big, fat faced, swollen dose of reality and I was really worried about how that whole ride would play out over here. Then trying to balance work, this little side gig and two kiddos while not totally neglecting my family, friends and husband has been a whole other ball of wax. It hasn’t been Instagram perfect, it certainly hasn’t been on time and it hasn’t always been what I wanted to do but I’m trying to figure out how to make it all work. I’ve really taken to heart all the great feedback you all gave me and I’ll be putting more of that in action in the next couple months (and even better, The Bachelor starts soon so I can’t wait to share in the  secondary embarrassment with any fellow watchers).

I seriously appreciate you all sticking with me and I’m looking forward to getting my act together in 2015.  Until then, Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Favorite Things: One Less Errand to Run Thanks to Dryel

I hate running errands. Like hate it with a passion.

I didn’t used to but I quickly learned that with kids, anything that should only take a couple minutes will inevitably take 5x longer. I think it’s Newton’s lost fourth law of motion.

Anything that can save me from having to spend Saturday mornings getting to tasks I obviously never made it to during the week is a huge win in my book. So when Dryel asked me to become a brand ambassador and try out their at-home dry cleaning system, I was all about it. Especially because when it comes to the hell that is running errands, the dry cleaner is the absolute worst. Carrying all that stuff in, trying to make sure your kid isn’t playing in traffic while avoiding judgement from passerby’s (with NOTHING in their hands) while also managing to lug in a giant car seat – no thank you.

For my latest dry cleaning runs, all I have to do it trek down to my basement (which is safe from judgmental passerby’s). The kits include everything you need to keep your ‘dry clean only’ and delicates safe. You just break out the booster spray to treat any spots or stains and then throw everything in the dryer bag alongside an Ultra-Cleaning Cloth. Then you throw it all in the dryer for 15 minutes (quick refresh) or 30 minutes (deep clean). I’ve already used it on the sequin jacket below (it got an unfortunate wine stain on it at dinner) and these dresses that I needed to get back in the rotation fast for the holidays.  The starter kit is only $7 so I suggest you throw it in your cart on your next “what am I here for?” Target run. Definitely better than anything you’re going to find in that dollar aisle.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dryel but all rambling opinions and thoughts are my own. As always, I would never talk about a brand or product I didn’t actually use and totally dig. 


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