Guest Post: Out of Office

Promise I have a more random Tuesday planned than you (obviously I have no idea if that’s actually true but I’m going out on a limb).

Before school starts (can you really call it that when your kid is three?) I’m taking my little man to Holiday World for a day of rides and splashing around. Nothing like asking your boss for an odd Tuesday off. I’m also taking the day off over here but I’m not leaving the blog high & dry. I’m filling in for another friend who’s also on the run from the real world (although her trip to the beach is a little more exciting) – Katie of Out + Outfit.

Head over there to see a round up of my favorite sneaker style looks.

Guest Post: PJ Party with Bethann {BethAnimal Print}

Okay so I promise I will get back into a normal routine starting tomorrow. Thankfully I’ve got one more great guest post from Bethann {BethAnimal Print}, a fellow mom and seriously stylish gal. Check out her site, follow her and then come back later this week for my regularly scheduled posts!

Hi all! Since Danielle is resting with her new bundle of joy, Reese, I have tiny newborn clothes on the brain. During the first few months of life, newborns sleep in comical amounts! In some ways, newborns are easy. They have a simple list of needs: Cuddles, sleep, milk, and…10-15 diaper changes a day. As a newborn or Mom to a newborn, comfort is a priority. So, below you’ll find some pajamas that my little one and I adore, given their comfort and sheer cuteness. 

J.Crew shorts striped shorts set
BedHead leopard pants set
Janie and Jack seahorse print shorts set
Tea Collection ‘Night Blossom’ pants set (on sale!)

Thanks for reading! Now come find me at Bethanimalprint or on Instagram where my daughter makes an appearance from time to time… yes, even in pajamas! 

Guest Post: Beth {seersucker + saddles} Does B&W

So I totally over estimated my time management abilities last week when it comes to juggling life with a tiny human who eats every couple hours. Just when I think I’m hitting my productivity stride, it’s time to take a break and kick it with Reese. I’m trying to work my way into a routine (crossed a lot of things off my list last week) and I’m hoping to get back taking outfit post pictures later this week (still working my way back into certain – read: most – clothes) but until then, I’m leaning back on a couple friends to fill in with a couple guest posts. Today it’s my best blogging pal and quite possibly, the most stylish lady in Lexington – Beth from {seersucker + saddles} rocking the always stylish combo of black & white. I’m hoping I can get back into clothes swapping shape soon so I can borrow some of this fabulousness in the future.

HI Gang. Beth here from s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s. Thrilled to be posting up for Danielle—had the pleasure of seeing Moms and sweet baby Reese this week, and if I may say, both are just beautiful!

But onto the looks, shall we? Given the time of year, smidge random of me to all of a sudden be smitten with black and white. What with all of the brights, pastels, and prints that surround the warmer months, kind of odd that now is the time my taste has shifted to such a graphic pairing. But in my opinion, I’m digging the idea of going with something streamlined, clean, and modern for the summer. Sure it may not be as vibrant as some other shades, but that doesn’t mean black and white can’t be just as fresh and crisp. Remember to be mindful of fabrics and silhouettes to ensure they’re seasonally appropriate. Of course I’ll never abandon my love affair of all things colorful and printed, but for now, may just have to two-time the brighter hues! You all enjoy your day and make it a good one—thanks for having me!

Add some black & white basics to your closet…

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