Guest Post: Get NYE Ready * Dark Lip Make-Up Tutorial

I love make-up and I feel like I’m not bad at it but I’m a novice at best. That’s where Lindsay comes in. This girl is a pro (no, really. she is and is available for hire!) and after watching her work at my pal Maggie’s wedding, I begged her to share her skills over here.  

If you’re looking to take your New Year’s look to the next level, Lindsay’s here with a step-by-step tutorial on how to master the bold, dark lip that is everywhere these days. I can’t thank Lindsay enough for doing this and here’s hoping she sends one of these every once in a while to keep us up to date!  

So without further ado…

Start by prepping your skin.  Always make sure your skin is moisturized before applying makeup.  I also like to use a skin primer to ensure my foundation goes on flawlessly.  Apply your foundation and concealer.  For this look focus on the under eye.  Use a concealer a couple shades lighter then your natural skin tone.  Use remainder of product on brush and apply to lips, this will help us later when defining our perfect bold lip.

Next lets do a little contour.  This isn’t a heavily contoured look but still needs some definition under the cheekbone to help make those rosy cheeks pop!  I love how Camilla Bell’s look is so sweet and dewy so for our contour lets use a concealer that is quite a few shades darker than our own.  By using a concealer instead of a powder this ensures that our skin will look light and dewy without becoming to heavy and muddy.  I like to work off of the back of my hand as opposed to applying product directly to my skin.  That way you can built your look.  Remember its easier to add more then to take away!
Camilla’s eye is simple but glam nonetheless.  Here are the products and tools I used to create this look: Gel liner, an angled eyeliner brush, mascara, white shadow, white metallic shadow, golden bronze metallic shadow, a grayish green shadow, a shadow brush, a tapered/contouring shadow brush and a smudging brush.
Start by dusting a white metallic shadow to the inner corners of the eyes.  You can use the same shadow as a brow highlight!  Next use a golden bronze metallic shadow starting from the outer corner and working your way inward, a little more than half way.  Blend the same shadow under the bottom lash line.
Next use your gel liner to create a subtle cat eye.  Start by lining the upper and lower waterline.  Next tightly line your upper lash line, carrying the liner slightly up and out to create your cat eye.
Before I added a good helping of mascara I decided to add a bit of my grey shadow to add a little dimension.  Use your tapered shadow brush and work shadow onto outer corners and slightly into the crease.  Smudge under lower lash line and carry inward less then halfway.  Its time for mascara (my favorite part!)  Be generous and don’t forget to curl those lashes!
Onto the real star of the show, the bold lip!  Early I had you use the remainder of your concealer on your lip.  Once the lip has been matted out it makes it much easier to find your natural lip line.  This is a great little trick I’ve picked up over the years!  Find a liner that matches your lipstick shade or a smidge darker.  Liner will help keep the color from bleeding and ensure its wearability.  Once lined, work the liner over the entire lip.  Using a lipstick brush fill in your lips with your chosen shade.  For this look I did not use any gloss because my lipstick already had a bit of sheen.  Be careful when using gloss on a bold lip! A little bit goes a long way and the gloss will naturally disperse over your lip!  I like to dab a little in the center bottom of my lip, blot my lips together and let it do its thing;)

Last but certainly not least, those perfectly sweet and rosy cheeks that Ms. Bell is flaunting.  For this I combined three colors (which you do not have to do!) to create the perfect shade, all of which are metallics.  One shade is a little darker than I would typically wear when sporting my natural, pale skin tone, but works perfectly for this old Hollywood look.  Apply a light dusting onto apples of cheeks.  Use a highlighter and dust a little over cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead and chin.

And VOILA!:)
All images by Lindsey Morr. Want to hire Lindsey? Email her here.

Guest Post: Riding Boots Two Ways from Bedazzles After Dark

Friday’s guest post comes all the way from California courtesy of Nikki from Bedazzles After Dark. Just like Madison yesterday, Nikki has a tie to Kentucky that kicked off our friendship. She’ll tell you all about it below but I’m thrilled to share her east coast meets west coast style with you all! It was so fun finally meeting her in September after striking our blogging friendship.

She’s mentioned before that she may make it back to the bluegrass eventually (fingers crossed!) but until then make sure to follow her adventures over at Bedazzles After Dark. Thanks so much to Nikki and hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Hello there Lou What Wear readers!!

First, I have to just say a big ol’ thanks to Danielle for having me Guest Post!! I immediately bonded with Danielle when I realized she lives in Louisville (my husband is originally from Elizabethtown) and told her how jealous I was of all her trips to Keeneland and/or Churchill Downs. We finally got to meet during Lucky FABB this year and I’m beyond thrilled to help her out on LWW! Normally, you can find me on my blog Bedazzles After Dark where I celebrate all things sparkly, pink & girly with a few personal style photos here and there.

I’m so crazy about fall right now - probably because we’ve only had a taste here and there in L.A. So for you lucky gals experiencing a drop in the mercury, I’ve got 2 outfit ideas based around 1 item: the Riding Boot!

2 Ways 2 Wear It: Riding Boots

I’m so obsessed with riding boots right now (check out this post where I gathered a few ways to wear them). I got a pair recently and I swear I’m never taking them off until April. I’m finding that they truly go with so many items in closet – jeans, shorts, dresses, leggings – I mean the possibilities are endless (and did you guys see Danielle in hers?- I LOVE it!)

The first outfit is a basic fall outfit that you can never go wrong with. Right now I’m into military anything, so Army Green skinnies are a perfect combo with the knee high boot. I chose a chunky cable knit sweater that just screams “Fall!” and a J.J. Winters metallic crossbody(get 20% off with code BAD20) - I love the gunmetal against the sweater – super modern. The earrings I threw in just for fun – pair with a topknot for a full on comy, cozy, chic look.

The next outfit is slightly more adventurous – yay! Try a pair of brown leather shorts with a loose fitting cream blouse. Add some sheer leopard tights (sheer is the key word) and a funky clutch – this British flag option is super cute! These playful details keep your look fun and fresh. I always say take a risk – why not?!

If you try any of these options – I want to know! Send me a tweet or instagram it and tag me (@NRich) You can keep up with my on Facebook too & don’t forget to stop by Bedazzles After Dark! Can’t wait to meet you xo

Guest Post: Fall Essentials from Fifth & Madison

Today’s post is from Madison at Fifth & Madison. We met serendipitously at the IFB Conference in September and were fast friends. Although she probably thought it was a little strange that when we met, the first thing I said was “This is gonna sound weird but I know who you are because I know your mom.” To put the pieces together, Madison is a Louisville-native and I used to do some work with her Mom at a previous job where I heard all about Madison.

Everything I heard was true and I spent a big chunk of my time in NYC running around with Madison and her RewardStyle pals (which included a stop at Smash Burger and a milkshake I still dream about). Now that she’s back in Dallas, I keep in touch with her through her blog Fifth & Madison where she shares her travels, impeccable taste and the occasional {always copy worthy} outfit post.

Thanks so much Madison!

Although I’m now a Dallas resident, I’ll always be a Louisville girl at heart. One of the biggest things I miss about the bluegrass is my favorite season… fall! When Danielle asked me to do a guest post, I jumped at the chance to live vicariously through Lou What Wear to showcase some of my favorite fall looks. I won’t be able to rock leather leggings until mid-December, so I’m relying on you to do it for me. Enjoy!



 dress, bag, bracelet, booties, leggings


p.s. – BaubleBar is having their Friends & Family Sale right now – Take 25% off with the code BBFAMILY

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