Outfit Post: Seeing Stars

She doesn’t get nearly enough love over here but Whitney Neal aka the gal behind the camera is the best. We met randomly but over the last two (or is it three) years, she’s become such a wonderful, amazing, genuine friend. The only bummer is that we don’t get to spend much time together outside of our marathon shoots.

A week or so back we decided to change things up and just get together to chat and catch up (since most of the time our conversations get super segmented and cut-off in between outfit changes). We decided to try out The Weekly Juicery for a smoothie. If you haven’t stopped by yet, it’s tucked in on Bauer in St. Matthews. The store is so airy and bright, the staff is friendly (!!) and helpful, and the juice/smoothies are delicious. I’m planning to try a couple day cleanse soon (probably after this weekend) so I’ll let you know how that goes!

But on to the outfit. Before we left, Whitney snapped a few quick pics since I actually made it out the door in one, mildly put together piece. This necklace was a bit of an impulse buy at the J.Crew sale. Clearly my love of stars overrode my desire to save. I’m also sporting the zippered jeans I was gushing about last week (spoiler: they are Old Navy). Seriously loving the fit on these.

p.s. – The Madewell Grand Opening is tonight at Oxmoor Mall. I don’t think I’m going to make it but looking forward to checking it out this weekend!

White Vest: Target (seen before here); Star Necklace: J.Crew (Love this clustered version too); T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters; Zippered Denim: Old Navy; Heels: c/o Sole Society; Baby Bag/Carry All/Best Throw it in the Bag Ever: Rebecca Minkoff; Bracelet: Gorjana Mesa Cuff from RocksBox and Loren Hope

Photos by Whitney Neal.

Outfit Post: Yellow

Okay so I know you’re probably thinking ‘what in the samhell is she doing wearing this jacket when it’s August?’ and I would totally agree if I didn’t work in the world’s chilliest office. Seriously, our interns brought blankets in … giant, fleece blankets.

Since my boss thinks that 65 degrees is standard room temperature, it’s important for me to dress in layers even when it’s 90+ degrees outside. This is my typical Friday work wear. Jeans, a simple tee and sneakers. Yes, I can get away with wearing sneakers to work on Fridays with no client meetings. You gotta have some dressing perks when you work in the Arctic tundra.

The good thing is this sweatshirt jacket (yeah I know that sounds weird but that’s what it is) will come in super handy this fall. Good for those lazy days when all you want to wear is a hoodie but a little more polished than that ratty, XL college sweatshirt. And by polished, I mean when you’re going to be seeing other humans. Otherwise that old sweatshirt sounds pretty comfy.

Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (5)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (8)White T-Shirt: James Perse (found at TJ Maxx; similar here and here); Jeans: Gap; Peplum Zip-Up: ZARA (got it on sale, no longer available boo. but this one is pretty legit); Sneakers: Superga (yes, that is a link to/blast from the past from Delias, don’t judge – they’re one of the only places I could find the neon ones; seen before here and here)
Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (7)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (1)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (3)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (2)
Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (6)Photos by Whitney Neal.

Outfit Post: Double Denim

If you know me, you know that I am always always late. Not egregiously late but always about five to ten minutes behind.

I know they say that people who are always late are disrespectful of other people’s time and every time I hear that I feel intensely bad while making a promise to start being on time. But I’m one of those people who tries to cram in as much stuff as possible into every single minute of the day (I can clean this up/send this email/run this errand really quick). Why this random confession?

Well school, if you can call pre-school that, starts tomorrow and I’m vowing to make this year the one where my kid isn’t always one of the last ones in the carpool line. If I can start the day being on time, I feel like I can continue it through the day. Wish me luck.

The number one reason I’m running late in the mornings these days is the daily challenge of finding something to wear that both fits and looks mildly presentable. That’s why I tend to stick with the same silhouette and the same basics on the regular because they work.

This Canadian tuxedo is a combination of standards for me. And while I doubt I will be rocking the denim on denim look on the regular, it’s a nice alternative in the weekly rotation.

Chambray Button-Down: J.Crew; Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: c/o James Jeans; Heels: J.Crew Everly Heels (found on eBay); Blog Nameplate Necklace: c/o TAudrey; Bracelets: c/o Loren Hope (here and here); Watch: Kate Spade (old, found at Nordstrom Rack); Bag: Sole Society (old)

Photos by Whitney Neal.

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