Outfit Post: Party Stripes

No lie, I stalked this dress.

You’ve probably seen it before on Queen Bey, or other bloggers or when I originally posted it during the Derby dress of the day features. When I posted it, I thought about snagging it but since I am crazy indecisive, I didn’t immediately head to check out. Big mistake. I kept thinking about it but when I went to buy it, it was sold out. After adding my name to the wait list and checking back on the regular, it finally made it to my house.

Now it’s hanging up and on deck for a fancy summer wedding. The best part is that the simple stripes mean it has a longer shelf life than some of my bolder, brighter dresses. And the black and white version might not still be available but you can get it in a green & white stripe (looks way better than it sounds) here.

Black & White Stripe Dress: Topshop (black and white no longer available but available in green & white here); Shoes: Steve Madden from Nordstrom Rack; Bracelet: Sole Society (old); Mint Stud Bag: Sole Society (seen here & here)

 Photos by Whitney Neal




Outfit Post: Forecastle ‘fit

Before I launch into my Forescastle experience, if you were there – send me your pics! I’m working on a recap and would love to see everyone’s pics. Tag me on instagram (@louwhatwear) or email them to me – danielle @ louwhatwear.com and you could see your smiling face up on here later this week!

It may not be Coachella, Lolapalooza or Hang Out Fest but Louisville’s Forecastle Festival is pretty legit (don’t take my word for it, Rolling Stone agrees). We sat out last year but when I saw that Outkast was headlining this year – I purchase my tickets immediately.

My love for Outkast ranks right up there with my love for Kentucky Basketball, Mean Girls and Bingo (yup – i love all of those things A LOT, I’m a weird bird) so Friday night’s concert was something of a religious experience for me. It was also our friend’s birthday so we assembled a fun crew to head down to the waterfront and enjoy all things Forecastle. Which for us meant forgetting all about acting age appropriate (thank god for babysitters).

The weather this year was a combo of rainy and chilly – not quite ideal for a summer festival. That being said, I was staying strong with my choice of cut-off shorts  (remember, I said I threw caution to the wind when it came to dressing/acting/being age appropriate – it was Outkast after all) and paired them with this jacket that I scored on major sale last week. When I bought I definitely didn’t think I’d get to use it so soon but it was pretty clutch. It ended up working out perfectly though because it made my denim cut-off choice feel a little more grown-up and clean. I also decided to be pretty cliche and do a little headband braid – it was a festival after all. Feel free to judge.

We snapped this pics in a hurry before heading down there and my pal Caitlin’s lab Maddy just couldn’t help but get in on the action. She may be starting her own blog soon. Stay tuned.

All in all, the show was amazing and we had way too much fun for our own good (hangover + two month old = horrible morning). I may still be a tiny bit sad that they cut my most favorite song short but I’ll get over it … eventually.

 Field Jacket: J.Crew; Denim Cut-Off Shorts: Urban Outfitters (I went a size up in these so that they were a bit looser and longer than the ‘cheeky’ name suggests); Tee: Urban Outfitters; Moccasins (no dirty festie feet for me thank you very much): Minnetonka; Belt: J.Crew (so old)
Necklaces – Small lowercase ‘d’: Jewelmint; @louwhatwear Name Plate: c/o TAudrey; Gold Bar: c/o Gorjana & Griffin

I’m pretty obsessed with these dainty gold necklaces that we got at the SBS Conference last week. I’ve wanted one with the blog moniker on it for a while but thought it might be silly to splurge on one so getting this TAudry one as a gift was perfect. Her site is full of simple personalized pieces and as a Miami native, I can’t help but love her ‘Miss Miami’ section. I would love to do one of these with my kiddos birthdays too but may need this ’305′ one first. These make the perfect wedding/new baby/graduation gift and she even has a sorority section for the college gals in your life. Beware friends, you will probably be getting this as a {birthday, engagement, baby} gift in the near future.

Gold Necklaces * Taudrey Name Plate * Gorgana Bar Necklace

Me, Caitlin (who took these pics) and Kelly ready to take on the Waterfront.

Outfit Post: Light Layers

I’ve been counting down to this Friday for a looong time now… ever since they announced that Outkast would be performing at Forescastle Festival tonight. So if you’re in Louisville and heading to the Waterfront tonight, you may see me – i’ll be the hypest girl there.

Seriously though, if you’re going to Forecastle this weekend – I want to see your pics and post them on here next week. Tag me on Instagram (@louwhatwear) in your pictures and I’ll include them in my wrap up!

Speaking of wrap ups today is the last of my Southern Blog Society Conference posts. I wore a variation of this outfit – swapped out the white skirt for white jeans – to the opening night party at Whiskey Blue. I wanted to stay comfortable after a long car ride and I love the light, airy layers of this outfit. Mostly I love this vest. It may be my best Target purchase ever (good news – i’ve seen a similar version this year in store).

 Summer Outfits * White Jeans * Target Vest * Joie Silk Blouse (5)Printed Silk Top: Joie from Nordstrom Rack; Vest: Mossimo at Target (yay still available); Skirt: French Connection from TJ MAXX; Bag: Banana Republic (old, similar here); Horseshoe Style Necklace: Southern Charm Jewelry;Sandals: ZARA (on sale now); Earrings: J.Crew; Sunglasses: Burberry

Summer Outfits * White Jeans * Target Vest * Joie Silk Blouse (2)Summer Outfits * White Jeans * Target Vest * Joie Silk Blouse (3)Summer Outfits * White Jeans * Target Vest * Joie Silk Blouse (1)Summer Outfits * White Jeans * Target Vest * Joie Silk Blouse (4)Photos by Whitney Neal.

The Southern Blog Society Conference at the W Hotel in Atlanta was a whirlwind. It started with a champagne pop on Friday at Whiskey Blue and ended with a great pool party. In between we were treated to great speakers: Susan from Ahalogy, Anika from Shopsense, and Amy from Recipe for Press.

The obvious highlight of the weekend was hanging with this gal. Grace is like the long-lost little sister I never had.  Seriously, she was the peanut butter to my jelly. Hilarious, sarcastic, crazy smart (she’s studying to be a biomedical engineer – yeah serious shit), down for a good cocktail accompanied by a delicious burger (that happened) and lots of irreverent commentary. To top it all off, she shares my penchant for driving a little too fast, swearing a little too much and talking a little loud. One difference – girl is prepared: homemade road trip snacks, no over-packing or forgetting things. Yeah, I could take some pointers there.

SBS Founders Cathy and Jessica definitely outdid themselves and the event was an amazing example of their hard work. My favorite event of the weekend was the brunch at South City Kitchen hosted by ASOS. Gorgeous setting to grab lunch and gab with new and old blog friends. And the swag bags were ridiculously amazing. I’m still trying to wrap up head around all the goodies.

Here’s a few of my favorite snaps from the weekend captured by the talented Rebekah Carson.

 Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (11)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (10)Grace, Me and Lo from Fashionably Lo Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (9)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (7)SBS Founders Jessica {My Style Vita} and Cathy {Poor Little It Girl}

Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (8)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (6)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (5)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (4)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (3)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (2)Southern Blog Society Conference 2014 * W Hotel (1)



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