Reader Submissions: Southern Style – A Hilton Head Wedding

Today’s post comes courtesy of two friends & readers – Megan & Channing. These two have both been spotted on here before and they just got back from a seriously stylish Hilton Head wedding. I couldn’t be happier that they snapped a bunch of pics of the fashions at the seaside affair.


Lots of prints, maxis, bright colors and great accessories. Enjoy!

Megan & Channing – Style Spotters Extraordinaire








p.s. – Any of the ladies in these pics, feel free to post your names and dress details in the comments and I’ll update accordingly!


Reader Submission: Lauren Conrad ‘The Fame Game’ Book Signing in Lexington

I can’t start writing a post without apologizing profusely for all the issues lately with the site. This hosting debacle has been driving me crazy (almost literally) and is insanely frustrating. It’s going on a week now of issues so I have been flooding the support desk… here’s hoping it will be fixed shortly.

Because uploading lots of pics is an exercise in futility right now, I’m popping in with a quick post with some pictures from Lauren Conrad’s book signing for her new book The Fame Game at Joseph Beth Book Sellers in Lexington yesterday sent to me by the always lovely Alex McLean (who happens to be the lady behind the Keeneland Gift Shop – check out the cute stuff she picks out here).

Here’s what Alex said about LC and the event:

  • *There were about 300 people waiting in line to meet Lauren Conrad and have their book(s) signed.
  • *There were about 50 VIPs that got to go first, but it was a constant and steady crowd of mostly young adult females.
  • *She was wearing a fabulous denim like blazer and a LBD….the one thing I noticed was that she had the cat-eyes eyeliner on her top lid (which I love hehe)
  • *She was very interested in Lexington, Bourbon country, and of course Horse Country. She was inquisitive about the Derby and Derby fashion.

“She was awesome to meet and very genuine. I talked to her for a while about Derby style, Derby hats, and how fascinated she is by the fashion of the Kentucky Derby. It was a great time.”

Alex and her sister-in-law Kate got some great shots of my favorite Laguna Beach alum and I love their proud signed book pics.

p.s. – How amazing is Lauren Conrad’s hair? The amount of envy I have for it cannot be contained in this post.

Alex waiting to get her book signed! p.s. - how cute is her lace top?

Love this & thank you Alex for the submission! USA

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