Be My Valentine: Getting Ready for Love {Part II}

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday’s post was all about the fun of hanging out with your best gals on Valentine’s but today it’s all about the clothes. If you’ve got a big date tonight and don’t know what to wear, here’s the details on all the looks.

As much as I love red and pink, you don’t need to go in that direction to look lovely for the holiday – especially if those are colors you wouldn’t wear any other time. Most of these looks have touches of the love colors but aren’t a full on walking Valentine’s card.

Whatever you do and whatever you wear, I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love … and chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

In case you missed yesterday’s post or need a little refresher, here’s a quick look at what all the gals wore.

Katie G. – Dress: Dress & Dwell (similar) ; Necklace: Dandelion ($48); Shoes: Katie’s

The colors here are perfect for Valentine’s but transition perfectly for spring. Could be worn casual with flat sandals or dressed up again for a wedding (the pleating makes it perfect for wedding dancing!)

Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Bracelets: Dandelion ($24); Shoes: ShoeMint

This dress was incredibly comfortable and the perfect length – not too short, not too long. You could easily dress this for work, a wedding, cocktail parties and I love it for a bridal rehearsal dinner dress.

Shannon – Top and Skirt: Dress and Dwell; Bracelet: Dandelion ($14); Shoes: Shannon’s
This look was one of my favorites. The stud detail on the skirt keeps it from being too sweet and the gold shimmer makes it a little girly. Perfect for a dinner date right after work, a wedding shower or engagement party.

Mallory – Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Bracelet: Dandelion ($28); Shoes: Mallory’s
You can’t see it very well but the neon detailing on this dress is what makes it so fun. No necklace required. I’m a navy fanatic so this would be my ideal basic dress that works for day or night, work or play. I can see it with tights and boots in the cooler months and with sandals in the summer.

Megan – Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Cuff Bracelet: Dandelion ($28); Necklace: Dandelion ($32)
This dress is not for a wallflower. The colors scream spring but the pattern is definitely for the bold. I love it but it’s definitely a dress that leaves an impression, so snag it if you have parties with a bunch of different groups of friends this year. p.s. – how great are the prices on all the jewelry?

Shannon – Dress: Alice + Olivia from Clodhoppers; Necklace: Dandelion ($26); Bow Ring: Dandelion ($14)
This navy and pink dress is preppy perfection. I love it with the bow touches for Valentine’s day but this is another dress with legs – so many options, not enough parties.
Katie – Skirt: Clodhoppers; Top: Clodhoppers; Shoes: Katie’s; Necklace: Dandelion ($48)
For Valentine’s, this is my favorite look. The red with the gold just makes me happy. We kept it simple everywhere else and I absolutely love it. I may be recreating this myself for tonight!

Dress: Dress & Dwell; Necklace: Dandelion ($238); Shoes: ShoeMint
Not going to lie, I didn’t love this dress at first sight but after pairing it with this necklace and abandoning the idea of belting it, I was smitten. It is seriously comfy and the print makes me happy. I’ve said it once before but my obsession with this necklace is out of control. I would end up being taken with the most expensive item! Mallory – Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Necklace: Dandelion ($26)

Megan – Skirt & Top: Dress & Dwell; Shoes – Megan’s
In my opinion, a blouse with a touch of sparkle is as essential as a white button down. So versatile, so fun and simple with a twist.

 The Credits:

* Photography: Whitney Neal {Dixie Design Collective}
* Set Design: Jaclyn Journey {Dixie Design Collective}
* Styling: Danielle Rudy Davis {Lou What Wear}
* Location: The Pointe
* Models/Friends: Shannon Kincer, Megan Kute, Katie Gandolfo, Mallory Trogdlen and your truly.
* Clothes: Dress & Dwell and Clodhoppers
* Jewelry and Accessories: Dandelion
* Home Decor: Dress & Dwell

Hope you all enjoyed this Valentine’s Day treat. Let me know if you’d like to see these more often. I’m already brainstorming my next one (think first Saturday in May!). Which look is your favorite? What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I love to hear from you all so leave a little love in the comments!

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Be My Valentine: Getting Ready for Love {Part I}

One of the things I miss the most about college is the times spent getting ready together for a night out. Swapping clothes, borrowing jewelry and having an educated panel of experts on hand to let you know how your outfit REALLY looks.

When I was brainstorming a Valentine’s Day feature, I immediately went back to memories at the 227 (our college house) and getting ready with my roommates. I’m very excited to be spending the holiday with my best guy but I also wish I could cram in a little girl time before hitting the town.

So with that in mind, I rounded up a gang of girls, some amazing clothes from Clodhoppers and Dress & Dwell, lots of baubles from Dandelion and the talented duo of Whitney & Jaclyn from the Dixie Design Collective to whip up a little Valentine’s treat.


p.s. – lots more details after the photos… i just want you all to get to the good part faster!

First up, here’s the credits:

* Photography: Whitney Neal {Dixie Design Collective}
* Set Design: Jaclyn Journey {Dixie Design Collective}
* Styling: Danielle Rudy Davis {Lou What Wear}
* Location: The Pointe
* Models/Friends: Shannon Kincer, Megan Kute, Katie Gandolfo, Mallory Trogdlen and your truly.
* Clothes: Dress & Dwell and Clodhoppers (want more specifics? stop by tomorrow for a detailed post on the clothes)
* Jewelry and Accessories: Dandelion
* Home Decor: Dress & Dwell
* Champagne: MARTINI Rose

So I know you’re all probably wanting to know where all the look are from. Stop by tomorrow for {Part II} full of individual looks and detailed info on the clothes and jewelry. If you just can’t wait, head on over to the stores Facebook pages and give them a shout. They can let you know if the items are available and hold it or ship it out to you.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that made this possible. I, for one, wanted to pack everything up and recreate it at home. Jaclyn and Whitney did an amazing job putting together this set in The Pointe. I wanted to just snuggle up and read a book once we were all done.

If you’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day outfit (or just a little happy for yourself), I suggest stopping by Clodhoppers or Dress & Dwell. You’ll easily find something casual or with a little more sass and sparkle. I’ve also added Dandelion to my go-to list whenever I’m looking for a little gift. With a couple exceptions, every piece of jewelry used in this shoot was under $75, most of it was under $50. After stopping in for Christmas gifts, I’ve now gone there for little happies for myself and for any one else I’m in need of a unique, special gift without spending a fortune. I’m thinking about going and buying up whatever is left of those arrow hair pins (I think they are $3) and giving them to friends on Valentine’s.

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Packing Light for an Tropical Getaway with Island Company

It’s Friday and I am PUMPED.

Not just because it’s a two day break from my desk but because on Sunday, I’m packing up and leaving for a week-long vacation in St. Thomas. As I wrap up things here at work, I’m jamming to some Jimmy Buffet and repeating the Island Company mantra in my head “Quit Your Job, Buy a Ticket, Get a Tan, Fall in Love, Never Return.”

Okay, so I won’t be quitting my day job (which means I’ll have to return) and I’ve already taken care of a couple other items on the list (bought my ticket and this trip is to celebrate our anniversary so we’ve got the love part down). This leaves “get a tan” and I will certainly be focusing on that while relaxing on the beach. I’m also attempting to pack light for this trip (I can hear Drew saying “Yeah Right” as I type), and as I make a mental checklist I’m keeping these easy, fashionable basics from Island Company in mind.

Don’t worry (I know you’re not worried, this is just a blog after all), there won’t be radio silence while I’m gone. I’ve got a week full of posts lined up including some new stuff from yours truly along with a few guest posts from some of my favorite blogging buds.

Heading Here…


Packing Light…

Packing with Island Company
The Fine Print: I was not paid to do this post but I did receive a lovely and comfortable linen sweater from Island Company which I’ve been wearing constantly but have yet to photograph. All opinions are my own and I wrote this post because I dig this brand and thought you all would too.

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