Styling: DIY Pom-Pom Denim Shorts

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When it comes to getting crafty, I fall squarely on the aspirational side. If you follow me on pinterest, you may see lots of DIY inspiration but when it comes to actually making stuff – I really want to but rarely actually do. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

But then maternity leave happened and my DIY schedule opened up a little bit so I was game when Sauza asked me to get crafty and whip up a pair of jean shorts (or if you prefer, jorts). So I made myself a little margarita and got crafty (drinking and crafting may sound like a bad idea but it actually made me chill out on trying to get everything perfect and then getting discouraged). Lately I’ve been on a bit of a pom-pom kick (me and everyone else it seems) so I thought it would be fun to embellish a pair of shorts with a some of the preppy trim. I love lace embellished jean shorts so I figured pom-poms would be just as sweet. For once, I was right.

I’ll keep the writing short so we can get down to the directions but it’s worth noting that I took a little bit of a shortcut when it came to crafting my own jorts. Unlike this guy, I bought my jorts pre-made but it would be just as easy (and more economical) to make your own pair from an old pair of jeans (pick a pair that are a little too big now – they’ll make for the perfect loose/relaxed jean shorts).

Materials & Cost:
* White and Denim Cut-Off Jean Shorts from Target: $15 per pair x 2 =  $30 total
So I bought these two pairs in a size 9 thinking they would totally fit. Yeah, I was wrong. It’s going to be a couple more weeks before I actually get to wear these. My b.

* 2 Yards Each of White and Teal Small Pom-Pom Trim from Jo-Ann Fabric: $4.99/yard -x 4 yards = $20 total
There are two sizes of pom-pom trim. I went with the smaller, more petite version which I thought would be easier to work with and would be less likely to snag or get messed up. This one is similar but it will be easier to find in the store.

* One Pack of Stitch Witchery No-Sew Tape from Jo-Ann Fabrics: $3.99 total
* An Iron
* Wet Rag

DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (9)
Oh and a cocktail…obviously. For this easy at home margarita, I mixed Sauza Blue Tequila with Sparkling Limeade and garnished with berries. Delish!

Get Crafty:

Step One: Measure out the pom-pom trim to the leg opening on your shorts. Give yourself an extra half inch or inch JUST IN CASE. DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (8)Step Two: Get all your gear together on your ironing board. Turn on your iron to the Wool setting. Truth be told: my iron just has numbers (they go up to 6) so I set mine around 5. After a few rounds, the hotter temperature worked best. DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (7)Step Three:  Starting at the crotch, measure out enough of the Stitch Witchery tape for the back end of the jeans. I figured out after doing a couple pairs that starting at the seam in the crotch is the best way to hide the overlap.

Place the pom-pom trim over the tape. I used the stitching on the jeans as my guide but I would just make sure they were high enough to adhere to the jeans but low enough to hang out a little over the fringe. Don’t be worried about the tape that’s not attached to the fabrics messing up the jeans, it will melt away.
DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (6)Step Four: Get a damp rag and place it over the fabrics. I used a standard kitchen rag. I found that the adhesive worked best when the rag was really wet. After a few failed attempts, I ended up heading back to the sink for each round with the iron.

Hold the iron down on the fabrics for at least 10 seconds but more like 30 seconds. DO NOT run the iron back and forth instead pick it up and move it from section to section. Peel back the rag and check the trim. If it hasn’t fully adhered, reapply the rag and hit it with the iron again.
DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (5)Step Five: Continue on the front of the jean shorts using the same technique. Don’t forget to re-wet the rag in between each ironing session. Make sure to pull the leg taught to ensure there are no gaps or weird spacing issues.  DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (4)Step Six: Continue until the trim meets up. You can have it overlap a tiny bit to make sure there is total coverage. Also, if there are remenants of the stitch tape, wait until it cools are peel off.

Tip – If there are any sections that didn’t stick, just measure out a small piece of the Stitch Witchery, slip it under the trim, place the rag on top and go at it again with the iron. DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (3) Step Seven: Flip the shorts inside out and run the iron along the trim again. DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (2)Step Eight: Flip the shorts back, let them dry and VOILA! You’ve created an adorable pair of embellished pom-pom trim denim shorts. Enjoy! DIY Pom-pom Denim Shorts * Lou What Wear * DIY Jean Shorts (1)
cut-offsYou know you want to pin this.

So what do you guys think? I thought about possibly adding a little of the extra trim to the back pockets or the tiny front pocket but in the end, decided against it. I preferred the simple look but if you wanted to go all out, I think it would look cute especially on the white pair. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out – now I just need to fit into them (poor planning on my part).  Louisville gals, these would be perfect for Forescastle Festival next week.

If you decide to make a pair – let me know how it goes in the comments or tag me in a pic of them on Instagram.

Ever think you could make jorts with a cowboy? Here’s your chance to meet a man who crafts his heart out. Okay, so maybe he’s not the best DIY-er. But what he lacks in cutting skills, he more than makes up for when he makes the perfect Sauza-rita. Watch him in action for ideas for your next ladies’ night in:

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Be My Valentine: Getting Ready for Love {Part II}

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday’s post was all about the fun of hanging out with your best gals on Valentine’s but today it’s all about the clothes. If you’ve got a big date tonight and don’t know what to wear, here’s the details on all the looks.

As much as I love red and pink, you don’t need to go in that direction to look lovely for the holiday – especially if those are colors you wouldn’t wear any other time. Most of these looks have touches of the love colors but aren’t a full on walking Valentine’s card.

Whatever you do and whatever you wear, I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love … and chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

In case you missed yesterday’s post or need a little refresher, here’s a quick look at what all the gals wore.

Katie G. – Dress: Dress & Dwell (similar) ; Necklace: Dandelion ($48); Shoes: Katie’s

The colors here are perfect for Valentine’s but transition perfectly for spring. Could be worn casual with flat sandals or dressed up again for a wedding (the pleating makes it perfect for wedding dancing!)

Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Bracelets: Dandelion ($24); Shoes: ShoeMint

This dress was incredibly comfortable and the perfect length – not too short, not too long. You could easily dress this for work, a wedding, cocktail parties and I love it for a bridal rehearsal dinner dress.

Shannon – Top and Skirt: Dress and Dwell; Bracelet: Dandelion ($14); Shoes: Shannon’s
This look was one of my favorites. The stud detail on the skirt keeps it from being too sweet and the gold shimmer makes it a little girly. Perfect for a dinner date right after work, a wedding shower or engagement party.

Mallory – Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Bracelet: Dandelion ($28); Shoes: Mallory’s
You can’t see it very well but the neon detailing on this dress is what makes it so fun. No necklace required. I’m a navy fanatic so this would be my ideal basic dress that works for day or night, work or play. I can see it with tights and boots in the cooler months and with sandals in the summer.

Megan – Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Cuff Bracelet: Dandelion ($28); Necklace: Dandelion ($32)
This dress is not for a wallflower. The colors scream spring but the pattern is definitely for the bold. I love it but it’s definitely a dress that leaves an impression, so snag it if you have parties with a bunch of different groups of friends this year. p.s. – how great are the prices on all the jewelry?

Shannon – Dress: Alice + Olivia from Clodhoppers; Necklace: Dandelion ($26); Bow Ring: Dandelion ($14)
This navy and pink dress is preppy perfection. I love it with the bow touches for Valentine’s day but this is another dress with legs – so many options, not enough parties.
Katie – Skirt: Clodhoppers; Top: Clodhoppers; Shoes: Katie’s; Necklace: Dandelion ($48)
For Valentine’s, this is my favorite look. The red with the gold just makes me happy. We kept it simple everywhere else and I absolutely love it. I may be recreating this myself for tonight!

Dress: Dress & Dwell; Necklace: Dandelion ($238); Shoes: ShoeMint
Not going to lie, I didn’t love this dress at first sight but after pairing it with this necklace and abandoning the idea of belting it, I was smitten. It is seriously comfy and the print makes me happy. I’ve said it once before but my obsession with this necklace is out of control. I would end up being taken with the most expensive item! Mallory – Dress: Trina Turk from Clodhoppers; Necklace: Dandelion ($26)

Megan – Skirt & Top: Dress & Dwell; Shoes – Megan’s
In my opinion, a blouse with a touch of sparkle is as essential as a white button down. So versatile, so fun and simple with a twist.

 The Credits:

* Photography: Whitney Neal {Dixie Design Collective}
* Set Design: Jaclyn Journey {Dixie Design Collective}
* Styling: Danielle Rudy Davis {Lou What Wear}
* Location: The Pointe
* Models/Friends: Shannon Kincer, Megan Kute, Katie Gandolfo, Mallory Trogdlen and your truly.
* Clothes: Dress & Dwell and Clodhoppers
* Jewelry and Accessories: Dandelion
* Home Decor: Dress & Dwell

Hope you all enjoyed this Valentine’s Day treat. Let me know if you’d like to see these more often. I’m already brainstorming my next one (think first Saturday in May!). Which look is your favorite? What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I love to hear from you all so leave a little love in the comments!

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