Inspiration: Halloween Costumes

Growing up, Halloween was my mom’s favorite holiday so we always tried to go big. Parties, costumes, multiple neighborhood trick-or-treating, the whole shebang.
That love of Halloween has been passed on to me and although we haven’t hosted any serious costume parties, I always try to bring my A-game in the costume department. In the past I’ve been a Twister Game, a Pez dispenser, Lucy from Charlie Brown and Peg Bundy. I’m still not quite sure what to go as this year since the hubs has decided to forgo the couples costume route. So with two weeks to go until all hallows eve, I thought I’d share a littleΒ  inspiration that I’ve been digging through to find the perfect costume.
What are some of your favorite costumes? Send me some pictures of your favorite Halloween costumes & I’ll add them to this post!

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Ugly Betty

Birthday Presents

David Bowie


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    October 16, 2012

    I LOVE this post because I LOVE Halloween!! and I love that 2 of my previous costumes made the blog post! πŸ™‚

    -signed Betty/Bowie.

    This year, im debating between PeeWee Herman or Linda Richman (from SNL)….whatdya think?