Mood Boards: Working on My Fitness

So here’s a little (not so) secret. I am mildly obsessed with Zumba. I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ve invited at least 50 people to come with me to Zumba classes. To date, I think I’ve had 5 or so accept – clearly my pitch isn’t working. Not everyone may be a fan but I’ve definitely hooked a few other friends.

While Zumba may not be your work out of choice (thankfully the place I go also offers other great classes), no matter what you’re doing to work on your fitness, it helps a little to look good while doing it. I think having a couple go-to workout ‘fits can help put a little pep in your step on days you’re not so motivated. I also think it’s a great place to rock the neon trend if you’re a little shy about working it into your regular wardrobe.

And with the Olympics starting tomorrow, I thought I’d throw in a little workout gear post. Watching all those amazing athletes definitely inspires me to get off the couch (that is AFTER watching them compete) and kick it up a notch.

p.s. – consider this your official invite to zumba. if you’re in louisville, come to sol fit. it’s right off westport rd. check out their full schedule here.