Style Spotting: Oh Happy Day!

Normally you wouldn’t find me typing “Oh Happy Day” on a Monday. Most of the time, they are anything but happy (rather you can usually find me tired and cranky pounding a big gulp of coffee). Today is an exception. Without getting all sappy and personal I’ll just let you know that it is my 2nd wedding anniversary.

In honor of {our} wedding, I thought I would do a little bridal style spotting because c’mon, we all know that even the blackest of grinch hearts (mine included) can’t help but smile when they see a beaming beaut of a bride (and groom – in love).

I’ve done some hunting on some fabulous local photographers blogs to bring you some of my favorite recent bridal looks.


Photo Credit: Todd Pellowe Photography

Love the bride’s (Alex according to the fabulous Todd Pellowe’s blog) veil and flowing, fabuous dress. The details from this wedding looked just as amazing as this happy couple. Check it out on his site.

Photo Credit: Lang Thomas Photography

You may recognize Courtney from earlier posts (here and here) but she keeps popping up here for a reason – she has amazing taste. I absolutely LOVE her dress. The sweet heart top is simple (and looks great on her) in contrast to the rosettes on the to-die-for skirt. And while there were closer pics of just the dress, I had to include her smiling face with her happy beau – Steve.

p.s. – Her photographer, Lang Thomas is seriously awesome. But I’m a little biased since he shot my wedding!

Photo Credit: Todd Pellowe Photography

 Eek! I freaking love this bride (Lauren) and her look. I seriously love a short dress (i’m also a sucker for tulle) and this one is pretty perfect. And if you can’t tell this girl is on cloud nine than you may be blind.

Photo Credit: jmm Photography

I had the pleasure of attending Morgan & Kenny’s wedding and she was stunning. Her lace dress showed off her amazing figure and was one of the prettiest lace dresses I’d ever seen. She wore a veil at the ceremony (a family heirloom) and switched into a fun fascinator at the reception. You can’t see all of the detail here which is a bummer but their faces here make me smile.

Photo Credit: Bella Grace Studios

This series is like something out of a movie and I love it! I know you can’t see the bride’s dress up close but I love the simple shape and great fit. More than the dress though, this series of pictures from Bella Grace Studios are both fabulous and timeless.

Photo Credit: Lang Thomas Photography

And finally, we’re closing with a little happy from my wedding (hey, it’s my blog – I do what I want).
Two years ago today I became Mrs. Davis & I’ve loved every minute of it. Happy Anniversary Drew!

Here’s to Happy Endings!


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    October 24, 2011


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    Jen @redsolesandredw

    October 24, 2011

    I love wedding photography and it was one of my favorite things to find as a vendor when I got married. Gorgeous and stunning photos! The other favorite, seeing what others chose as their dress and some of these are ones I wish I had tried on!!

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    October 24, 2011

    You know I love this…

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    October 24, 2011

    Here's to happy endings indeed – what a darling post. Congrats on celebrating your 2nd wedding anniversary, what a beautiful milestone to celebrate. I am far off a wedding but oh how I do love trawling through wedding blogs and the photos you've picked here are just gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely wedding anniversary.

    Anna xo