Outfit Post: Keeping it Casual

This week has been a real ‘get it together’ kind of week. For the past couple weeks, I’ve had so much random stuff going on with work, the blog and life that I haven’t really had time to slow down and enjoy maternity leave. This week I made the plan to focus on getting organized with work to do’s and bills while also trying to get our house in some sense of order so I can really make the most of these last few weeks of leave. It’s been mostly a success. My house doesn’t look like a tornado ran through it. I’ve made it through the giant stack of mail that was silently lording over me and I’ve caught up on some things I’ve wanted to do on the blog – namely make a major step in re-designing the site.

I know that I just overhauled the site not too long ago but there’s been some things I didn’t accomplish in that re-design that I’ve been really wanting to address. I thought working with another programmer to get it all accomplished would work but it wasn’t quite right. So in true Danielle fashion, I’ve decided to give it a go myself. I’m giving myself a deadline (and announcing it to you all here) of getting the new look together by the time school starts in mid-August. A fresh start for the fall. This means I’m teaching myself some coding and learning A LOT by trial and error. Wish me luck. If you’ve got any tips, feel free to send them along.

But enough of all that. Since I’ve been trying to get a ton of stuff done, I haven’t had a ton of time to think about what to wear. And so, I turn to the classic staple – jeans and a white top. This peasant top that I snagged at Banana Republic (but is unfortunately sold out – linked to lots of similar options below) really elevates the look over just a plain white tee (which, duh, i love too).This outfit is probably going to get pulled back out this weekend for the Fourth of July – just maybe add some red earrings or go with a red bag for the full red, white and blue combo. Also, I know I’ve talked a lot about this bag but I can’t help it. It’s so cute, fits so much stuff and looks way fancier than it is. The pink is sold out but it’s still available in a dark brown and I may end up getting that one too since it will be perfect for fall.

Anyways, back to taking care of business before the long weekend…

 Denim Shorts and Peasant Top * Banana Republic Casual Outfit * #itsbananaBanana Republic Peasant Blouse (sold out but a bunch of options below) | Banana Republic Denim Boyfriend Shorts | White Superga Sneakers | Old Navy Crossbody Bag  | Ray-Ban Aviators c/o Ditto

p.s. – Ditto is a sunglass subscription service – like old school Netflix – where you get a new pair of sunglasses whenever your fancy strikes. You can swap them out whenever you like and it’s only $24 a month. Lots of great brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, Karen Walker, Burberry and more. You can get your first month free with code LOUWHATWEAR.  I’m obsessed with these sunglasses and may never send them back.

 Denim Shorts and Peasant Top * Banana Republic Casual Outfit * #itsbanana Denim Shorts and Peasant Top * Banana Republic Casual Outfit * #itsbanana Denim Shorts and Peasant Top * Banana Republic Casual Outfit * #itsbananaPhotos by Whitney Neal.


Outfit Post: Lunch Date * The Exchange

Being on maternity leave has a lot of benefits, one of which is being able to dress down just about every day. And while I’m currently wearing workout clothes as I write this, I sported this easy summer look for a lunch and shopping date in New Albany with my mom while she was still in town post-baby. Had to stop by Dress & Dwell for some new clothes to fit in this weird in-between time.

We hit up The Exchange and sat on their patio for a boozy Tuesday lunch – another perk of maternity leave, cocktails at lunch. I rarely get over to New Albany but the patio at The Exchange, plus the delicious cocktails (I had the ‘Crimson and Clover’ – a super refreshing mix of vodka, cucumber, lemon and more) has me wanting to go back for happy hour or dinner. Seriously, this is not sponsored, I’m just convinced they have one of the best outdoor spaces in the area. If you go, make sure to try the Goat Cheese Fritters and get a side of fries no matter what. So delicious.

Casual Summer Outfit * The Exchange New Albany

Striped Layered Tank from Dress & Dwell – sold out but similar here | Banana Republic Denim Shorts | Superga Sneakers | Old Navy Pink Blush Bag | Mirrored Sunglasses from Dress & Dwell

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

One quick comment on this bag – I’ve gotten more compliments on it than any expensive bag I’ve ever owned. This pretty pink cross-body was $25 at Old Navy (got it on sale) but looks WAY fancier. The pink is sold out but the brown is equally cute and looks luxe (and it’s 20% off today). Plus it’s big enough to actually hold your wallet, phone and other random crap without being stuffed to the gills.

Outfit Photo by Whitney Neal. 

Outfit Post: Rainy Days

Oh hey there… yup it’s me. I’m back. It’s been a while I know. I’m a little out of practice so bear with me. Things this last month have been a little bit crazy and have left my normally very structured schedule all out of whack.

Of course there was the new baby. Life with little Blake, and as a family of five, has been fun but certainly an adjustment. Just when we were getting into a groove, I got the call from work that I’ve been dreading for years. At my full-time job at Boxcar PR, we’ve been helping plan Muhammad Ali’s funeral for the last seven years or so. I always knew that when Muhammad passed, I’d need to drop everything and work with our team to put the plan in action. Well, as the world knows, he passed away last week so I put a pause on maternity leave to get to work putting together a celebration for the legendary boxer. Once it’s all sunk in, I was thinking of writing a post to share my experience. Not sure if it’s something you all would be interested in but if so, let me know. You can see a little of what it was like over here. 

So that’s why I haven’t posted on the regular in a couple weeks. I totally planned on getting back in the habit last week but that went out the window quick. I’ve got a lot of fun posts planned though and I’m looking forward to getting back in a groove over here.

First up, this rainy day look that I’ve had to turn to a couple times in the last couple weeks with all the storms we’ve been having. Probably going to have to pull out this rain jacket again today with another round coming through. How cute are these striped rain boots too? They’d be perfect to wear to a muddy music festival (aren’t they all) this summer.

Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0950

Helly Hansen Lyness Rain Jacket (available in stripes here) c/o | Banana Republic Peplum T-Shirt (love this shirt so much I bought it in three colors – plus it’s on sale)| Banana Republic Denim Shorts | Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots c/o
Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0951 Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0952 Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0953 Helly Hansen Stripe Rain Boots * Preppy Rain Gear_0955Photos by Whitney Neal. 

Outfit Post: The Vest

Last week my little guy went back to school. The first {sad} sign that Summer is winding down which frankly, is the worst. I am not even remotely ready for it to be over. I’ll take a couple more months of pool days, super late sunsets and backyard barbecues – thank you very much. Okay so I know that’s not going to happen but as long as it’s 90+ degrees outside, I’ll stick with the summer clothes. I may start doing a little shopping for fall but I won’t be dressing that way for a little bit longer.

Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (9)Maje Vest – found at the Gilt Pop-Up Sale | Lace Tank c/o The Mint Julep Boutique | Joe’s Jeans Denim Shorts | Hipanema Bracelet – also found at the Gilt Pop-Up Sale | Banana Republic Leather Tote (old but LOVE this one, seen before here) | Ray-Ban 55m Aviators | Dolce Vita Wedges (old but love these, seen before here)

Thankfully I’ll be able to transition my best buy of the summer to fall pretty seamlessly. I stumbled upon this Maje vest at the Gilt Pop-Up Sale and snagged it for, no joke, $30. I think it was originally something like $600. Yup, best deal ever. I feel like it’s a shopping trophy which is totally sad I know but seriously, it was a true sale victory. I may not have found the Kitchen Aid mixer for next to nothing but I did find this vest. Unfortunately, only one makes cookies so maybe the mixer does win.

I wore this layered look for a dinner with friends mixing it a couple new finds with some old as mold favorites. Inevitably I ended up spilling on both of the newer things – the vest and this lace tank. Condiments are not my friends. And since I hate to take this new favorite out of rotation for too long, I headed straight down to the basement to clean this puppy up. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it needs to be dry-cleaned – I’m not a total dummy. Earlier this year, Dryel hooked me up with a bunch of their dry-clean at home kits which came through in the clutch to tackle a massive ketchup stain. The kits are super easy to use, really inexpensive (under $10, take that dry cleaning bill) and work with your dryer. I just treated that stain, threw the vest in the dryer bag and tossed it into the dryer on tumble. In 30 minutes it was good as new and back in my closet ready for another week of wear.

Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (14)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (2)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (6)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (5)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (4)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (1)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (7)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (8)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (10)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (11)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (13)Maje Embroidered Vest * Summer Style Inspiration (3)Photos by Whitney Neal

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