Kentucky Derby Style: Spring Suit

So you may have heard that the Thursday before Derby now has it’s own nickname. Just like Kimye, Brangelina and the original Bennifer, Churchill Downs has it’s own {a little bit cringeworthy} combo name – Thurby.

The nickname may not be great but the day at the track promises to be a good time. Definitely not as dressy as the main event but for sure a chance to get a little dolled up. You can ditch the hat if you’re not ready to go all out but this spring suit from Leona is the perfect spring look whether you’re hanging with work colleagues or going out with friends. I don’t feel like there are a lot of opportunities to really where a look like this – brunch, wedding/baby showers – so getting a chance to break one out is something you have to jump at.

If you want to go all out, this Headcandi piece is the perfect compliment. But beware, there will be a big mix of people with and without hats. My vote is to go for it since when else can you really wear a big, fun hat. But if you’re on the more reserved side, you can ditch it. Either way, do your best to keep a straight face (and not think of Furby’s) every time you say Thurby.

Claire Tweed Jacket and Brynn Shorts by Leona 
White Crop Top by Milly available at Clodhoppers 
Fascinator by Headcandi 


Images by Whitney Neal
Floral Styling by Jaclyn Journey
Flowers c/o Dreisbach Florals
Model –  Megan Blackburn 

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Derby Dress of the Day: Feathered

May Day.

It’s here. Usually May 1st is a combination of excitement for my best pal Kelly’s birthday (happy happy birthday friend!) and Derby. This year, I’m just as excited about Kelly’s birthday with a little less excitement for Derby because I know some seriously epic FOMO is about to set in. I can’t lie though, I’m pretty pumped to have FINALLY made it to my last month of being pregnant. Only 21 more days (max!). Seriously, I’m ready for this to be over and to meet that little lady (feel free to make an appearance early).

So today is what Churchill Downs is now calling Thurby. It’s what people around here call crunch time. Last minute prep is underway everywhere – spray tans, picking up dresses from the tailors, making last minute hat adjustments, nail appointments, party prep – it’s an all-out rush to the finish for everyone (even if you’re rushing to get out of town).

Over here, I’m rushing to share some of these last Derby outfits with you all. I’ve still got a handful left so I’m going to pop in twice today to share some more inspiration although I’m guessing most of you are ready for the races by now.

Today’s look, on Megan, one that is perfect for those last-minute shoppers. You probably have a great LBD already hanging up in your closet. So if you’re in need of a last minute look – grab it and then head out to pick out a colorful headpiece. You can match just about anything and you’ll be set in no time.

Little Black Dress: Leona “Emmy” Dress; Necklace: Dandelion; Feathered Headpiece: Headcandi

Modeled by Megan Kute.
Images by Whitney Neal.


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