Shopping: Summer Ready Cover-Ups

The last day of school is coming up, Memorial Day plans are being made and it’s getting hotter and more humid everyday – summer is quickly approaching.

Summer is my happy season and this one will be especially nice since I get to spend most of it on maternity leave. But since my summer body will be less than stellar, I’ve been scouring the internets for cute cover-ups to lounge around in poolside. Even if you’ve got an A+ rocking beach bod, a cute cover-up is a summer essential. A total necessity for runs to the bar, outdoor lunches and for that emergency stop to pump gas (and get a slurpee) on the way home from the pool (just me, okay that’s cool).

I usually end up buying two at the start of the season and rotate them non-stop but there are so many affordable options out right now that I may end up adding a couple extra this year. Here’s a few of my favorites plus some more for the little ladies in your life (had to snag one for Reese, so why not share the love with you all).

If you’re petite, I also recommend checking out the girls section at Target and Old Navy. They have SO many that are crazy cute and super cheap. Petite gals can easily wear the bigger sizes and when it comes to a cover-up, if it’s a little short it’s no big deal.

Swimsuit Cover Ups 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Even more options…

Options for little ladies…

Derby Dress of the Day: For the Paddock

So we’re taking the elevator down a few floors from yesterday’s Millionaire’s Row post and coming out on the Paddock. While the Paddock isn’t quite as rowdy as the infield (it’s a whole other world through that tunnel), it’s definitely on the more boisterous side and one thing you can always count on, it’s crowded.

Personally I love the Paddock area. It’s where everyone mixes and mingles. I’ve seen more celebrities walking through the paddock area than I’ve ever seen in the more high brow areas but beyond star spotting, it’s where you can find some of the craziest hats, funniest people and have some pretty random but totally memorable encounters. Oh and you can also see the horses but just BEFORE they race. If you’ve got Paddock General Admission tickets, don’t plan on watching any races (save for on the big screens), you don’t have access to the track. You do have access to a ton of beer stands and lots of mint julep vendors, so there’s that.

If you’re going to the Paddock, you won’t have anywhere to sit. Let me repeat that. You will not have a seat. Well unless you get there at the crack of dawn and run to claim a bench or bribe someone to give up their spot. You won’t want to sit though, you’ll be way too busy mingling, meeting randoms and probably learning the ins and outs of betting from some “local expert.”

Kentucky Derby Style * What to wear to Derby * What to wear to the Paddock

LOFT Laser Cut Floral Flounce Dress | Circle Lace Bodice Dress 
Pair it with: Forever 21 Faux Leather Wedge Sandals |  Faux Leather Wedges 

What I’m saying is where comfortable shoes. Also, don’t wear white. You will get bumped by someone and they will spill a Lily on you (Lilies are a bright red, super delicious cocktail that is the official drink of the Kentucky Oaks). That or beer or ketchup from a hotdog or any other one of a million things that will ruin your dress. And since you’ll probably get something on your dress, you don’t want to spend a fortune so I’ve turned to LOFT to find a few easy but still pretty options that you can most certainly get on sale (never, ever buy anything full price at LOFT). Pair it with a comfy wedge (like one of these Forever 21 options that you won’t feel bad tossing if they end up ruined) and make sure to throw on a cross-body bag – you’re going to want to have your hands free for waving down your friends, holding betting tickets and obviously, a cocktail.

Need more dress options – head over here. Looking for the perfect hat, bag and shoes – i’ve got your covered. 

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