Outfit Post: Flea Market Flares

What can I say? I am a sucker for a good pair of flares. I was in Madewell a couple weeks ago just browsing when I spotted these as I was checking out (I ended up buying a paint splattered pair of jeans – the jeans obsession is real and troublesome). I avoided the urge to buy them on the spot, instead using the “if it’s meant to be” philosophy where if I still want them in 3 to 5 days, I’ll think about getting them.

Well I was back in Madewell a week or so later and only one pair was left… and they were my size. So see, it WAS meant to be. The right length, the perfect weight and a wear it all year wash convinced me even more. Well that and the fact that they were on sale.

Here’s my only rub with flares though. In the summer, I’m kind of in a conundrum on what shoes to pair with them. I know the obvious choice is platform/wedge sandals BUT I’m not a huge fan of seeing your toes peeking out. Is that weird or just oddly particular? I clearly got over it with this outfit but I tend to want to wear them with boots all year long. Or try to hem them so I can wear them with flats (which is a clear no-no cause you don’t want to ruin the flare shape). Anyways, I’ll just have to get over it so I can channel my inner Stevie Nicks all summer.

Oh and this pair also come in white. Yeah, I may need those. Cause, you know, flares.

Madewell Flea Market Flares; Floral Blouse: LOFT (on sale now); Belt: J.Crew (old); Wedges: Steve Madden (old)

Photos by Whitney Neal.  

Derby Dress a Day: For the Backside

Over the weekend (or was it last week – I have no idea, the days are running together because I am truly a hot mess right now), I got a request from a gal coming in town to attend the Kentucky Derby on the backside of the track. I, for one, have never gotten the invite to this somewhat unknown area of the track but I do have a couple friends who have spent Derby day back there.

For those who aren’t from around here (that just sounded so country and I thought about deleting it but instead think it fits), the backside of the track is where the horse stables are located. The week leading up to Derby makes this a hot spot and you’ll find all the local TV stations and a few radio outlets broadcasting live from here every morning. It’s a great spot to check out the early morning work outs of all the Derby horses. I’ve only been out there a couple times (with clients who scored an appearance on a morning show) but it’s got a very fun vibe those early mornings leading up to Derby. Definitely a Derby buzz in the air.  But enough about that, you want to know what to wear on Derby.

The backside, since it is primarily a place for horse stables, can be a pretty muddy zone even if it’s not muddy. Chances are, with the moonsoon season we’ve been in the last few weeks, it will be at least a little muddy out there. It’s also a much more casual atmosphere for watching the races. So when you’re getting dressed, my pick is for an easy sundress and boots. Think a little fancier, a little preppier festival style. I’ve definitely seen gals in this area wear hats but they are usually a little simpler (think wide brim straw hats or very simple fascinators) than the elaborate scenes you’ll find on the opposite end of the track.

If you’re heading to the backside (that’s what she said), pick something you’ll be comfortable wearing while plopping down in a fold-out chair or taking a break on a bleacher seat. And definitely no heels. First off, you don’t want to ruin them but you also don’t want to look silly or roll an ankle.

derby dress a day - 9
More Options… 

Derby Dress a Day: For an Outdoor Box

You’ve probably clicked through to a few of the dresses on here and been like, ‘Geez Danielle, $450+ for a dress?! What kind of budget are you working with?” Okay maybe you’ve never said that and it’s just me saying it to myself but anyways, when I’m picking out dresses on here – I’m working with an aspirational budget.

Yes, I may tend to splurge a little (or a lot, depending on whether you ask Drew) on a Derby dress, I know that finding one that’s adorable and not crazy expensive is ideal. Enter LOFT. If you ever buy something full price from LOFT, shame on you. (sorry didn’t mean for that to come out so harsh).

They are always having crazy sales, like today’s where everything is 40% off. Yup, everything which includes this cute scalloped dress AND both pairs of sandals. We’re talking a great summer dress for $53. Coral/pink not your color? It comes in yellow too.

Grab this if you’re seated anywhere outside on Derby day. That vent detail in the back will not only look great but give you a nice little breeze action to keep you from dying of heat exhaustion. Got a seat, grab the lace up heels. Stuck standing? No worries- just snag the wedges. You’ll have a brand new look for less than $150 and that includes shipping. See I told you I could do Derby on a budget.

Derby Dress of the Day #6

Scalloped Crop Illusion Dress from LOFT 
LOFT Cut-out Wedge | LOFT Lace-Up Strappy Heel 

Want more Kentucky Derby dress options? Head over here. 

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