Outfit Post: Winter White

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Since I’m stuck behind a desk and not out in the world celebrating MLK Jr. Day, I thought I’d kick off today’s post with one of his many inspirational quotes. Let’s all take his motivation for change, dedication and commitment with us as we try to impact the world in whatever small (or big, huge) way we can.

Seems pretty silly to do an outfit post after getting all introspective but that’s what happens around here. Just a simple winter white outfit for one of those random days when it was above 55 degrees here. Tried to gussy it up with a little bit of color and leopard. In the #nonewthings breakdown – I found this skirt last year at TJ Maxx, the sweater is a post-Christmas sale find and the belt/shoes are both old favorites.

That’s about all I’m working with today. Gotta get back to this to-do list before it gets away from me. That is the one good thing about working on a holiday – you can get SO much done when you’re email inbox isn’t dinging constantly.

Leather Details Sweater: Banana Republic; Skirt: French Connection (<— still available!); Belt: J.Crew; Shoes: Sole Society; Bracelets: Stella & Dot (here and here); Necklace: Stella & Dot (this option is really similar and really cute too)

Photos by Whitney Neal. 

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Outfit Post: The Pink Coat

You guys, yesterday I went sledding. Obviously this is not like moving mountains but no lie, I haven’t done something so silly fun in a long time. My little guy’s school got cancelled so he got stuck hanging with me at my office most of the day. That is until we broke free, fought daylight and went straight to the park (in my work gear) to sled. For some reason, in a very brief moment of preparation, last week I bought a sled, and by sled I mean one of those plastic discs. I don’t think I’ll ever be that prepared again but I figured I should get it while they were still on shelves. It definitely came in handy for our last minute excursion.

I don’t think I’ve been that cold or laughed that much in a LONG time. So my PSA of the day is: go sledding when it snows.

Moving on, I’ve been going on and on about wanting a pink coat for FOREVER. I’ve filled up many an imaginary shopping cart before finally pulling the trigger on this one. The shape and price were just too good to pass up. It’s also crazy warm and just the right size to wear a sweater underneath without looking too bulky. Oh and I wore it to sled last night. Yes, I know that is totally unpractical.

I also wore a variation of this outfit – ditched the coat, switched out the boots and added a hat – for the holiday walk last week. I’ll probably be mixing and matching with this sweater all season. It’s the perfect length for layering and super cozy. I’m considering snagging it in a couple more colors since it’s so budget friendly. Seriously, Old Navy is crushing it right now. So many good basics. AND you can get them all for 35% off today (11/18) with code CHEER.

Pink Coat: Old Navy (use code CHEER today – 11/18 – to get 35% off); Gray Tee: Leith from Nordstrom; Navy Sweater: Old Navy; Jeans: Gap; Boots: Sole Society (seen before here); Bracelets: Stella & Dot Cluster Bracelet (old, seen before here) and Spiked Cuff, House of Harlow Bangle c/o Rocksbox; Watch: Kate Spade

Photos by Whitney Neal


Outfit Post: Top Hat

I got this hat last year. I wore it a couple times but couldn’t get over Drew’s comment that it was my Indiana Jones hat.

This year, I’ve been breaking it out left and right and because of his comment, I’m considering dressing like my favorite Harrison Ford character for Halloween (seriously though, any one have any last minute tips cause I am struggling). Last week I wore it a little more casually but today I’m dressing it up a little. This little black dress was one of my best buys ever on ASOS. I’ve had it for a couple years now and I still turn to it when I’m coming down to the wire and still haven’t found something to wear. Clearly waiting until the last minute is a big problem for me.

Throwing on a hat can be a little daunting since you’re inevitably going to get a few looks and it’s definitely something we’re not all used to wearing on the regular. My tip is to keep the rest of the look simple so that the hat stands out but never looks cartoon-ish or costumey. Also, these suckers are WARM so you’ll want it to be a little brisk so you’re head doesn’t get all sweaty (gross, i know. sorry).

I’m thinking of breaking this look out again this weekend, albeit with tights since it’s finally getting a little chilly, for an engagement party for some friends. Despite being unprepared for almost everything, I am definitely prepared for my brother-in-law (and probably others) to give me a hard time about the hat. I’m thinking it will be something about Halloween being over so I can pack up my Carmen Sandiego costume but there’s also the chance for some safari comment. Either way, I’ll take it. Indiana Jones FTW.

Okay I’m off to tackle that inbox before doing cutting out early to tailgate for the UofL vs. FSU game tomorrow (celebrating my office’s third anniversary! woo hoo!). If you’re running around Papa John Cardinal Stadium tomorrow, we’ll be tailgating by Gate 1 – come say hey!

Wool Panama Hat: c/o Sole Society; Black Dress: ASOS (so crazy old – seen here, similar here); Bag: c/o Sole Society (seen here); Boots: LOFT (old – seen here and here, similar here);  Necklace: Stella & Dot Photos by Whitney Neal


Inspiration: Down to the Details

It’s Friday and I’m as excited as Rebecca Black (sorry for that old-ass reference) for the weekend. We have a wedding on Saturday before jetting off to Miami early on Sunday morning. It’s been a long time since I’ve been home and I am ready for a week back in the 305, especially since we’re going {straight from the airport} to the Dolphins game on Sunday. We’re also planning on taking a little road trip to Disney World while we’re in Florida and I’m pretty sure that I’m way more excited than my kid. Oh and on a side note, last night we met Michael Bolton (so random).

But enough of all that, it’s been a while since I’ve done a detail focused post even though those snaps are always my favorites. I thought that since we’re at a change of seasons (well, it’s supposed to be fall sometime soon despite the 85 degree temps outside), I’d share some of my favorite details from the last few months.

Oh and if you missed a post and want to see the full look, just click the image.


All photos by Whitney Neal.


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