Outfit Post: Weekend Stripes

Moving slow this Monday after Super Bowl. Not that I was super invested in the game – as a Dolphins fan, I can’t root for the Patriots so I guess I was cheering for the Seahawks which didn’t work out so well – but any time I shake up my normal lazy Sunday night routine, my Monday gets all out of whack. We headed over to a friends to watch the game and by watch the game, I mean eat lots of delicious game food, buy squares and debate how much cleavage Katy Perry would be rocking. Let’s just say the snacks didn’t disappoint but Katy’s costumes could have been a little more ample (if you got it, rock it). 

Seriously though, I dug the halftime show. That awesome giant puppet Lion she rode in on, followed by the crazy chessboard was enough for me but then she topped it off with those dancing sharks and beach balls and I was sold. How great would it be to work as a set designer for her tour? 

As far as the commercials, Nationwide totally bummed me out, then redeemed themselves because Mindy Kaling is hilarious and the combo of puppy + Clydesdales is too much cuteness. I also was kind of a sucker for that Carnival Cruise Lines one with the John F. Kennedy voice over. I also liked the Dodge one with the badass old people. What can I say I’m a sucker for bad ass old people driving muscle cars. 

Back to Monday though and today’s post. So this look was inspired by (which is just a fancy way for me to say I tried to copy) this pinterest discoverySo I found the closest options in my closet, paired them up with jeans and booties, added one piece of fun jewelry to keep me from looking too disheveled and went on my way to tackle the weekend. 

Stripe Tee: ZARA (old, seen here; similar here); Plaid Button-Down: c/o H&M (old, seen before here; similar here); Jeans: Urban Outfitters; Booties: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent; Bag: c/o Sole Society; Flurry Fringe Pendant Necklace: Bauble Bar; Sunglasses: c/o Sole Society 

Photos by Whitney Neal.  

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Favorite Things + Shopping: Secret Cupid Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange

February will be here tomorrow but no doubt you’ve already seen rows of Valentine’s Day candy, trinkets and treats in stores. I can’t say that I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I do think it’s basically a trick to buy more candy and make men the pressure to pull off a movie-style romantic evening. While I do love candy and a nice evening out (at this point I’ll take dinner just about anywhere if I means I can finish my food without 16 questions from a four-year-old), those things can get a little tired.

So a couple years ago, all the girls at my office thought it would be fun to do a Secret Cupid gift exchange. It’s, by far, one of my new favorite things when it comes to Valentine’s Day because I know I’ll end up with a pretty sweet gift (no pun intended).

Let’s all be serious. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, we all just want a few of the fun, maybe cheesy or silly, cute items that stores (namely Papersource) stock this time of year.  So the Secret Cupid is perfect. Nothing fancy when it comes to organizing one – it’s basically the exact same thing as a Secret Santa exchange but we do it with just girls and a $25 gift limit. You can get a bunch of little things or one big gift – it’s up to you – we just make sure that it’s something the person would love. Which around our company usually means kitschy office supplies, funny gift cards and anything Rifle Paper Co.

If you’ve got more than three ladies in your office, I definitely recommend throwing one together (you can do it on Monday – it will make the start of the week WAY better). Or just send out an email to all your girlfriends, swap names and deliver the gifts on the 14th or plan a girl’s night out before or after.

Here’s a few of my favorite gift ideas. I’ll also be adding some to the rotating favorites in the side bar so check those out too!

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