five things i’m taking with me out of 2020


shopbop + amazon ‘prime day’ sale picks


down to the basics: my favorite jeans, tees and simple jewelry

I'm a creature of habit. I like routines, live for a simple everyday uniform and love when I find go-to brands I can depend on for the basics.

Of course, I love trying out new things but sometimes you just want a great white t-shirt and don't want to try twenty-something options before finding the one. In case you're like me (and I'm assuming your at least a tiny bit like me if you're here), you're hurried for time and don't want to spend a million years hunting down the best option especially when it comes to my closet staples: denim, white tees and simple jewelry. 


what i’m loving lately

Here's some things I'm bad at: curling my hair, listening without interrupting and posting regularly on the blog.

I think I've been in a rut about posting because the whole world feels like it's in a rut right now. Where are we going, what are we doing, is this election going to push us all over the edge, are we in the prequel to The Handmaid's Tale? Not going to lie, I think about that last one more frequently than any sane person should.

I'm just over here trying to respond to emails without losing it and sending up prayers that my kids stay in school (and yes, I know how lucky we are to have them back in the classroom - I am also sending out prayers to everyone doing NTI right now).


the easiest way to organize your earrings

meet danielle

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no, this email does not find me well.

“Hope this email finds you well!”

How many times have you received and/or written this in the last six months? It’s like the new “hope you had a good weekend” or “good morning!” You know what Cheryl, this email does not find me well. Pretty sure my inbox is where all my anxieties go to hang out.

Email cliches are at an all time high as we all “navigate this new normal.” And while we should “give each other grace as we navigate the unknown,” I’m about done with all this new email jargon, even as I myself am guilty of committing these crimes of electronic correspondence. read more


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So This is Derby Week…


fall twist on a classic: cranberry pomegranate mint julep

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