I said we’d never get a dog. And then we did.


How I’m Surviving Quarantine


Fresh Start – Lou What Wear Got a Facelift

Hey Party People! Long time, no post. I'm guessing some of you all thought I decided to give up on the blog. Not going to lie, it crossed my mind.

This whole quarantine season, like it has for so many of us, stretched me to my limits. Between keeping up with things at Lemonade, home schooling, becoming a short-order cook and trying to keep my head on straight, it's been a test of my patience. I needed to push one thing off my plate to maintain sanity. The blog, understandably, had to take a bit of a backseat. Mostly because by the time I've looked up from my standard to-do's, it's almost 5 o'clock and time to start my chef duties for the evening.


What Courtney Bought and Loved – Quarantine Edition

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Been awhile! Agh, what the hell guys? Life is so weird right now.

Ok, glad I got that off my chest.

Here's my official disclaimer. I am not writing this with insensitivity.  I know that life is freaking scary right now for everyone, and for a lot of people that means absolutely zero unnecessary shopping. Danielle has been killing it with the local content and the push to support local businesses which is SO important. My reality is that I am still working in a children's hospital part time and just trying to survive the other part. 

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In Defense of a Uniform

Before jumping into today's post, I'm going to celebrate a tiny victory: posting two days in a row. Cue me doing a fist pump and then patting myself on the back. Granted, I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon but I'm feeling inspired and enthusiastic about posting again so hoping to ride this feeling well through Derby. Wish me luck.

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