Outfit Post: Hearts

Before we even jump into this post I’ve got a DISCLAIMER. These pics were taken about a month or so ago, hence the much smaller size than my current beach ball state. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to pawn this off as what I’m working with right now because right now is not pretty. But since I just realized I never posted these, I figured why not kick off the week with an outfit post. Well that and I am wearing the same shirt today. I’ll try and snap a picture for Instagram so you can see the HUGE difference.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

You guys, these whole last few weeks of being pregnant are hard. Like I know it’s supposed to be all bundles of joy and nesting but for me, it’s mostly panicking that we didn’t start getting crap prepared until like a week ago (hey we put the crib together this weekend – so there’s that) and trying to figure out what we’re going to name the little lady. Yeah, when I said we’ve been putting things off – I meant it. It’s just that with two other small mess-makers (so.many.crumbs), there isn’t much time to peacefully select bedding and debate the merits of useful baby gadgets.

Thankfully the massive swelling I experienced with both my other kids managed to hold off until the last couple weeks. Now every morning when I look in the mirror I meet a new version of myself (she’s nothing to write home about) and realize I have one less pair of pants that fit. Sounds fun right? I feel like we should all talk about this side of things more often. And props to you if you’re one of those gals that looks like a Barbie doll with a basketball up your shirt (so many of these gals on Insta – who are you and where can I steal your genes?) but that ain’t me. I’m officially going into hibernation mode right as all the fun stuff starts happening in town for Derby. Gotta be honest, it’s giving me a little bit of the blues but just trying to push through it, focus on meeting our new little lady and long summer pool days in the future.

Speaking of Derby, I’ll be coming strong this week with Derby Dress of the Day posts. I want to get as many in as possible so you have time for those last minute orders before May 7th! Plus there’s a ton of dress options here and hats, shoes and bags over here.

J.Crew Regent Blazer (love this – such a great basic, I have it in three colors, AND it’s 30% off today) | J.Crew Maternity Jeans (the best maternity jeans – they don’t lose their stretch and are super comfortable and are on sale today too!) | Heart Blouse from Nordstrom Rack (so old – similar here) | Madewell Booties (still wearing boots because they are one of the only things that fit these days)

Photos by Whitney Neal.

Favorite Things + Shopping: Secret Cupid Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange

February will be here tomorrow but no doubt you’ve already seen rows of Valentine’s Day candy, trinkets and treats in stores. I can’t say that I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I do think it’s basically a trick to buy more candy and make men the pressure to pull off a movie-style romantic evening. While I do love candy and a nice evening out (at this point I’ll take dinner just about anywhere if I means I can finish my food without 16 questions from a four-year-old), those things can get a little tired.

So a couple years ago, all the girls at my office thought it would be fun to do a Secret Cupid gift exchange. It’s, by far, one of my new favorite things when it comes to Valentine’s Day because I know I’ll end up with a pretty sweet gift (no pun intended).

Let’s all be serious. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, we all just want a few of the fun, maybe cheesy or silly, cute items that stores (namely Papersource) stock this time of year.  So the Secret Cupid is perfect. Nothing fancy when it comes to organizing one – it’s basically the exact same thing as a Secret Santa exchange but we do it with just girls and a $25 gift limit. You can get a bunch of little things or one big gift – it’s up to you – we just make sure that it’s something the person would love. Which around our company usually means kitschy office supplies, funny gift cards and anything Rifle Paper Co.

If you’ve got more than three ladies in your office, I definitely recommend throwing one together (you can do it on Monday – it will make the start of the week WAY better). Or just send out an email to all your girlfriends, swap names and deliver the gifts on the 14th or plan a girl’s night out before or after.

Here’s a few of my favorite gift ideas. I’ll also be adding some to the rotating favorites in the side bar so check those out too!

Favorite Things: Reese’s Room * Black & White and Pink All Over

Monday’s can be the worst but they are especially bad after a long weekend. We spent the weekend in New York for a friend’s AMAZING wedding (they got married with this view behind them). There also may or may not have been 4th of July themed jello shots at the end of the night which led to my dress needing an immediate trip to the dry cleaners and making my Sunday start a little later than we’d planned. I wish I’d taken more pictures at the wedding but I was having too much fun to break out the camera.

Anyways… a few weeks ago I shared a couple {amateur} shots of Reese’s room but today I’m pumped to show off a few that Whitney snapped during Reese’s newborn pics. My chair still hadn’t come in at that point so that didn’t make the cut but the rest of the room had come together (at the last minute, obviously) in time.

When I planned out her room, I knew I wanted to do something a little more modern but still fitting in with the character of our house. After countless hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration, I spotted these simple heart decals and it was settled. We went with a black and white focus but added the heart elements and a very subtle, pale pink color for the walls (I’d tell you the name but we took a pale pink and then had it diluted with white to get it perfect).

We used a mix of furniture we had already had (we spray painted Drew’s Pottery Barn crib black and I had the white armoire) and added a few special pieces (her chair and this West Elm dresser). When picking out the new items, I wanted to make sure they were pieces that could grow with her. I also had searched for a Moroccan pouf but couldn’t commit to the price tag until I saw this one at the Gilt sale (where I had to get aggressive in order to get my hands on it).

This definitely wasn’t something that came together in one fell swoop, I added black and white pieces throughout my pregnancy (often while wandering aimlessly through Target) and am still looking for little touches. All in all though, I’m really happy with how it turned out and love walking into the room for a quick escape since the rest of my house is, generally, a chaotic mess.

Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (13)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (10)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (9)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (8)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (5)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (4)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (11)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (2)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (12)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (6)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (3)Baby Room * Baby Girl Nursery * Modern Girl Nursery * West Elm * Target (1)Crib: Pottery Barn Baby | White Mid-Century Modern Dresser: West Elm | Changing Table Cover: Modfox
Love Prints: ShufflePrints | Light: Urban Outfitters | Black & White Tray: Pretty Smitten
Black Tassel Curtains: Serena & Lily | Curtain Rods: Pottery Barn TeenMoroccan Pouf: Lulu & Georgia via Gilt
Gray Library Cart: Land of Nod | Polka Dot Bins: Land of Nod | Heart Garland: Land of Nod
Mobile: Everly Lane Design | Mirror: Target  | Herringbone Blanket: Pottery Barn Baby
Aqua Paisley Stroller Blanket: Pottery Barn Baby
Heart Decals: Ferm Living

Images: Whitney Neal





Shopping: Here Comes the Sun

I could collect sunglasses like shoes if I didn’t have a tendency to misplace them so often. Like shoes, they always fit and there’s a {possible} different pair for every outfit. Earlier this year I invested in a new pair but now that summer is here, I’m looking to add some fun frames to the rotation. I’ll probably stick with something with a plastic frame – sturdy for pool days and getting thrown into various bags – but that doesn’t mean I’m not coveting some other styles too.

I’m really into the blue mirrored aviators that everyone is snatching up of late and I really dig the clubmasters but alas, they look like crap on me. More likely than not, I’ll go for a sillier, fun pair in a bright color (how great are these pastel stripe ones?) or shape. Seriously, you know you want these American Flag ones for Fourth of July (they’re only $12 so you can avoid feeling guilty if you only wear them on patriotic holidays).

here comes the sun
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