Outfit Post: Power of Purple

So I’m pretty bummed. I’m kind of an idiot and semi-ruined my nice camera. You’re probably thinking right now, “Semi-ruined? What the what does that mean?” Well, a couple weeks ago I put a bottled water in my bag and didn’t realize the top wasn’t screwed on all the way. Before I knew it, my bag – including my camera – was soaked. Thankfully, my camera dried out and started working again. After jumping for joy, I realized that there was still an issue with the automatic focus. Alas, that is why my pictures are a little blurry. I’m going to try and get this fixed stat but in the mean time, my pictures won’t be at their best and I’ll be using my point-and-shoot for the time being. Woof.

Anyways, enough of that. I wore this outfit last week to work/running around to meetings. Apologies for the mildly woofy ponytail but I loved the color of the pants & shoes together and had to share.

Top: J.Crew; Pants: ASOS – similar here (seen before here); Shoes: Shoemint; Belt: Coach (old) ; Watch: Marc by Marc JacobsĀ 

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