about lou what wear

Hi! I’m danielle.

If you’re wondering what the ‘Lou’ stands for it’s a shoutout to Louisville, KY – so yeah, you may want to reconsider emailing me with a ‘Dear Lou.’

I started Lou What Wear in September 2011 as a creative outlet when I was stuck in a thankless and uninspiring job – I’m sure you know the kind. Just a gal at a computer looking for a little aspirational inspiration. While I’m not working away in vain anymore, I am still keeping this little project up and running.

Lou What Wear is an outlet to showcase personal style – both mine and others as well as style inspiration, home decor, beauty and whatever else catches my eye. Oh and my love of television. I can’t get enough of talking about television (The Bachelor/ette is my guiltiest pleasure). Most importantly, all of this is done with a focus on life and style in Louisville, KY.

When I’m not blogging, you can find me trying to keep it all together at the PR firm I started with my business partner Lynsey – Lemonade Public Relations – or chasing around my three kids – Drew (he’s the D3 I’m always referencing), Reese and Blake.  And yes, I know I am crazy for having three kids.


Likes: anything with stripes  *  trying out new restaurants  *  sneakers  *  the Kentucky Wildcats  *  the Miami Hurricanes  *  church picnics (beer, bingo, games, rides, fried chicken – what more could you possibly want in life?)  *  typography  *  pastel colored houses  *  bingo (no seriously, I love it)  *  television of all genres (it’s a problem)

Dislikes: slow drivers  *  loud talkers  *  leggings as pants  *  carrots *  the color orange (i think this and the carrots go together)  *  when your pants aren’t hemmed at the right spot (weird pet peeve right?)  *  the sound of cardboard on cardboard



Want to know anything else (doubtful, but hey who knows?) just email me at danielle@louwhatwear.com

For reader questions and/or editorial inquiries including partnerships, product reviews, sponsored posts, gifting or giveaway consideration, feel free to email me directly at danielle@louwhatwear.com