Making Summer Entertaining as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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A few months back I attended an event where a keynote speaker said something that really stood out to me. She said that one of the key aspects of their brand was that they “love parties” but they don’t “entertain.”

Feel that.

I want to go to all the parties but entertaining can be tough stuff. Mostly I think because we all put an undue amount of pressure on ourselves to have a perfectly clean house, Martha Stewart worthy spread and magazine-ready decor. And frankly, that’s exhausting. read more


Favorite Things: How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

I thought about skipping over this post on the blog but I feel like having a Murder Mystery party is too fun not to share and seriously, I can’t recommend throwing one enough. If you’re more into the outfit game, I’ll be back to that tomorrow – promise.

I love a good costume party. Nothing like dressing up in something fun on a random Saturday. Also everything is funnier in a costume.

My friends and I had been wanting to throw a Murder Mystery Party for FOREVER so this past weekend we finally bit the bullet and put one together. Granted it was a little last minute but it was crazy fun and a good learning experience for when we, inevitably, want to have one again. read more


Event + Style Spotting: The Swap Shop * Summer Clothes Swap

I’ve wanted to throw a clothes swap party for FOREVER. What could be more fun than a bunch of stylish friends bringing their good but no longer favorite items together. Everyone gets something new and no one spends a dime.

I think I’ve talked about it for at least two years before someone really grabbed on to the idea and helped make it happen. Thanks to some poolside cocktails with Julie and Courtney (and lots of me blabbering) – this party went from fun idea to fun event. Julie graciously hosted it at her house and Courtney helped get all the details nailed down and took all the left over clothes to The Salvation Army where we donated them to their Transitional Housing for Women and Families. read more

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