Outfit Post: Downtown Field Jacket

How did Friday get here so fast? Usually, that’s not something I’m complaining about but I feel like there’s too much left to do this week before I’m ready for next week to start.

It’s been crazy around our offices preparing for three big events we’re working on next week. It doesn’t help that they all fall on the same day. Next Thursday we’ll be running between the Idea Festival (doing a fun activation for a client), the Louisville International Film Festival Opening Night Event and an awards ceremony at the Muhammad Ali Center where Sports Illustrated is renaming its Sportsman of the Year award in his honor. Some very fun and cool stuff but enough to get your head spinning from all the details and moving parts. I love my job but sometimes the timing of things could be a little better! read more


Outfit Post: New Kicks

Over the weekend, Drew turned and looked at me and said, “It’s amazing the amount of things you think you can squeeze into one day.” That sentence basically sums up my life and definitely this weekend.

I don’t think it would have been possible to cram more into my Sunday, let alone this weekend. It included one surprise birthday party, one wedding in Cincinnati, one kids birthday party and we went to the Lyle Lovett concert (don’t judge – it was awesome). Plus, I cleaned out my closet in an attempt to sell all my goodies on Sunday (a ton is left over and I’m considering putting up pics on here to see if anyone is interested – lots of cute stuff that doesn’t fit/I don’t need) and took D3 school supply shopping. Running around is a habit. read more


Outfit Post: Bloggers Who Budget – Summer Dress for Less

Could it be any hotter right now? This weekend had me thinking I was back in Miami with the crazy humidity. I spent Saturday out in the sun playing tennis and don’t think I’ve sweat so much ever. Sorry, I doubt you needed to know that last part. Anyways, I had to throw in the tennis reference to tie in my love for this skirt.

Yes, it’s a skirt and I know that today’s Bloggers Who Budget is Summer Dresses for Less but this skirt + tank combo almost comes off like a dress so I’m going with it. And I scooped both items on serious sale to keep it under our $75 limit. Definitely a great score. Back to the skirt though, I’m normally not into such girly items but the perforated, laser-cut details toned down the pleated school girl look. I’ve paired this with a simple tee and heels  for a more dressed up work look but it’s just as great for running errands with sneakers. read more


Shopping: Throwing Shade

Is it bad that I am just now recovering from the long weekend? Probably.

I’m pretty sure I need a weekend to recover from this past weekend. Thankfully it’s Wednesday. Mostly I want to throw on a pair of sunglasses that make me invisible just like Julian’s in Big Daddy. Instead I’ll have to settle for a pair that just keep the world safe from my tired eyes.

Honestly though, I am on the hunt for a new pair (my current pair have a big ‘ole scratch right in the middle. boo) and am torn between going with something more classic and something a little more playful (especially after sporting these). I don’t mind spending a little more on sunglasses since you wear them ALL. THE. TIME. But I also gotta LOVE them so I don’t accidentally leave them somewhere and mostly so I protect them with my life (that still doesn’t save them from my propensity for losing damn near everything). Seriously, forget the ‘find my phone’ feature, can someone create some sort of ‘find my sunglasses’ app? I need that. read more

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