Derby Dress of the Day: For the Kentucky Oaks

It’s time to think pink. If you’re a local, this is old hat (dorky pun intended) but if you’re making your first trip to Derby and stumbled upon the site trying to figure out what to wear, here’s the run down on the Kentucky Oaks. In the past five to ten years, the Kentucky Oaks has become {almost} as big as the Kentucky Derby especially when it comes to getting all dolled up.

In the past, Oaks was more of a locals day but like I said, it’s become quite the event and now people are venturing in to go both days. The actual Kentucky Oaks race is America’s premier race for fillies (a filly is a girl horse just in case you didn’t know) with the winner getting a garland of lilies, cause you know, lilies for the fillies. The Lily is also the name of the delicious drink of the day (FYI – you can get them on Derby day too – just be careful if you’re wearing white because it will leave a mark if spilled). read more

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