Packing Light for an Tropical Getaway with Island Company

It’s Friday and I am PUMPED.

Not just because it’s a two day break from my desk but because on Sunday, I’m packing up and leaving for a week-long vacation in St. Thomas. As I wrap up things here at work, I’m jamming to some Jimmy Buffet and repeating the Island Company mantra in my head “Quit Your Job, Buy a Ticket, Get a Tan, Fall in Love, Never Return.”

Okay, so I won’t be quitting my day job (which means I’ll have to return) and I’ve already taken care of a couple other items on the list (bought my ticket and this trip is to celebrate our anniversary so we’ve got the love part down). This leaves “get a tan” and I will certainly be focusing on that while relaxing on the beach. I’m also attempting to pack light for this trip (I can hear Drew saying “Yeah Right” as I type), and as I make a mental checklist I’m keeping these easy, fashionable basics from Island Company in mind.

Don’t worry (I know you’re not worried, this is just a blog after all), there won’t be radio silence while I’m gone. I’ve got a week full of posts lined up including some new stuff from yours truly along with a few guest posts from some of my favorite blogging buds.

Heading Here…


Packing Light…

Packing with Island Company
The Fine Print: I was not paid to do this post but I did receive a lovely and comfortable linen sweater from Island Company which I’ve been wearing constantly but have yet to photograph. All opinions are my own and I wrote this post because I dig this brand and thought you all would too.