Style Spotting: NuLu Fest

This post is unfortunately going to be more of an admittance of idiocy than a style spotting post.

Last Saturday afternoon, me and some pals headed to NuLu Festival to enjoy the amazing weather, have a couple beers and check out the goodies on East Market Street. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do some serious style spotting and since my camera was recently repaired, I was excited to break it out of hibernation.

As my friends can attest, I had committed to stepping outside of my comfort zone and approaching people left & right to take their pictures. There were so many great looks and I was pumped to have captured so many.

That is right up until the moment when I realized I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera. Yes, that was the exact moment where I felt like a total idiot. So if you were one of the incredibly stylish gals I awkwardly stopped and asked to snap your picture, consider this a sincere apology. I was hoping to fill this post with pic after pic of amazing style. But alas, All I could do is recover with a couple iPhone snaps.

Luckily, one of the seriously adorable gals wasn’t too far away after I realized my mistake, so I was able to recover one.

Oh well, live & learn.

Loved Megan’s Floral Maxi. She looked so comfortable, carefree and chic.

I loved everything about this look from ponytail to toe. All of my friends and I stood around admiring her “great pony” for way too long. I also appreciate that she was able to pair red and green without looking the least bit Christmas-y.