Outfit Post: Perforated Midi

Have you all heard about the theory of decision fatigue? Basically it says (I’m paraphrasing the New York Times here) that the more choices you make throughout the day, the harder it becomes for your brain. So that by the end of the day your brain – whether you like it or not – starts looking for shortcuts. So you either go badass and just do whatever you want without considering the consequences or you get lazy and just do nothing. Either way, your braind just starts to say f-it.

This NY Times article is a couple years old but I feel like it’s been resurfaced lately when people talk about increasing productivity or streamlining your day. Either way it’s a good read and can help explain why you just can’t resist the candy around 3 pm. Side note – I highly recommend checking out the full NYT piece but be ready to settle in because it’s a long one.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what the what this has to do with anything. What I’m trying to say is that, as I write this, I am in the midst of some serious decision fatigue. For the first time in a few weeks I got up early and hit up Orange Theory (love it so much – come at 6 am and get your ass kicked with me) before work and I just wrapped up a bunch of crap on a proposal I have to present at a meeting tonight. And now my brain is just like f-it.

But I’m getting my act together to get this post finished.  So when it came to deciding what to post, I had to go with this dress which has become my wardrobe’s answer to decision fatigue (see how I brought that full-circle there? sorry, i’m a nerd). Running late for a meeting? This dress will work. Have a baby shower tomorrow, i’ll just wear this dress.  Dinner plans?  Yup Drew, I AM wearing this dress AGAIN.

J.Crew Perforated Midi Dress | French Connection ‘Nanette’ Sandals c/o Belk | Initial Necklace: c/o Peggy Li Creations 
Photos by Chelcey Tate 

Derby Dress of the Day: And We’re Off!

We’re officially 56 days away from The Kentucky Derby. Giving you only 55 days to get your Derby Day look nailed down. Even less to get ready for Oaks, The Barnstable Brown Party, The Mint Julep Ball and more.

Last year, I got a lot of great feedback on the Derby Dress of the Day series so I’m kicking it off even earlier this year. Since I’m making the choice (haha, yeah right – being  9+ months pregnant in 55 days is making the choice for me) to sit Derby out this year, I’m hoping to help as many gals as possible find the perfect outfit for their day at the track. So from here on out, I’ll be posting a dress (or more) a day.

I’ve also got some other fun stuff up my sleeve to help get you inspired for the first Saturday in May. But to get things started, I’m going big and starting with five options. Good luck picking your favorite!

Derby Dress a DayZurie Floral Mini Dress: BB Dakota (Under $100!)
Nothing says Derby like a pretty floral dress. Love the color palette, flattering shape and wide shoulder straps (no adjusting!). Go big with a hat full of flowers or top it off with a simple fascinator.
Marc Jacobs Polish | Joie Nude & Platinum Jaclyn Ankle Sandals | ASOS Cross-Body Bag
Derby Dress a DayBlack and White Stripe Satin Dress: Topshop from Nordstrom
Obsessed with this dress and its price tag. Just saw that it’s now out of stock BUT get on that wait list now and it could be back in stock before Derby!
Go Pastel (ASOS), Basic Black (ZARA) or Bright Coral (ZARA) 

Derby Dress a DayBig Stripe Dress: Cecile (Love that this one is only $135 too!)

Derby Dress a DayPink Heart Cut-Out Dress: Forever 21 ($20)
Derby Dress a DayNeon Tangerine Lace Shift Dress: Cameo
Madison Harding Kira Wedge | Jojo Navy Clutch

Want more? I’m pinning new favorites all the time to my Kentucky Derby Dresses board.

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