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Outfit Post: Coral

Feb 27, 2014

This week has been a bit of a cluster for me. I haven’t posted since Monday because on my way back from our Disney vacay, I left my computer at airport security. I guess it’s one of the perils of traveling with a three-year old and thankfully, I got it back late yesterday. But the three-days without a computer had me sitting around, totally unproductive, organizing my office and trying to stay on top of work emails on my phone. As for the blog, I’ve been s*&t out of luck the last few days.

I’m back in action now though and sharing some recent pictures that more accurately reflect where I’m at in this whole pregnancy journey. I’m trying to keep it cute and put together some relatively fun looks but I’m getting to the point where I just want to throw in the towel and hide for the next 12 weeks. I’m seriously bad at this whole being preg thing and while it totally agrees with some people (think glowing skin, gaining no weight), for me it’s not so pleasant (think middle school acne, packing on the poundage).

I figure that I’d been cagey enough though and it’s about time I get a little more real with things. So here you have it. Hopefully you’ll bear with me as I try and conquer my fear of pictures while pregnant. These pics are from right before we went out of town, hence the snow that was still around (also no coat was necessary since my body temperate is about 10 degrees higher than normal – pretty clutch for this cold weather). I’m pretty much relying on jeans, flowing tops and blazers (something new for me, right?). I’ve been trying to avoid sweaters or unnecessary layers that just make my frame look even bigger. This was also a rare departure from an all-black outfit. Now if only the temperatures would cooperate, warm up and open the door for options that don’t involve jeans and black pixie pants.

I’ll be popping in later with a “She Got it From Her Momma” post this afternoon, so be sure to swing back by!

Coral & Navy Blazer: Forever 21 (seen here and here); Navy Stripe Top: Gap; Jeans: James Jeans; Heels: c/o Sole Society (similar); Tortoise Necklace: c/0 Sole Society


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  1. AJ says:

    So glad you got your computer back! How scary!! Love the outfit, but you are WAY braver than I am to go sock-less with snow on the ground!


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