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Beauty: Lash Bash * Younique Fiber Lashes Review

Sep 11, 2014

First off, a big giant THANK YOU to everyone who came out to last night’s event at Blink. It was a lot of fun and it was great seeing friends both old and new (and those I’ve “met” online but not in real life before). It’s been a long, but very fun, week and I’m excited to share some pictures from both the Blink event and the Primp opening soon.

Today I’m chatting about a product I’ve been giving a go for the last couple weeks. When it comes to my eye lashes, I am not one of those people blessed with long, full lashes. Mine are somewhat sparse and stuck in the back seat since I’ve got pretty deep set eyes. So I’ve tried a handful of things to help make them pop. Eyelash extensions – shed all the lashes after like 3 days. Hated it. Latisse – tried this but failed to see an improvement but did notice darker under eyes. I’ll pass on that, thank though. And in the land of mascaras, I’ve given just about everything a try. On that front, I’ve got some that I like/love more than others and there are no less than 6 in a constant rotation. It’s like Tinder for those little eye hairs without the creepy profile pics (also if you’re wondering why a married mom is familiar with Tinder, some single co-workers let me in on the swiping fun. Makes for an entertaining lunch hour).

When Taylor approached me about giving Younique Fiber Lashes a go, I was definitely game. Anything that promises to make your lashes look fuller and longer is worth a go in my book.

The set is made up of a mascara-like gel and another tube of the fibers. Here’s how it works. Pick out your go-to mascara (love this and this), apply then grab the mascara-like transplanting gel. After you swipe that through your lashes, you use the natural fibers tube. Finish up with another swipe of the transplanting gel and you’re done.

Not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by all the steps at first – mostly worried that I would f it up and end up with a dark line of mascara smudged all over my face. And as expected, my first time trying it wasn’t the greatest success but after a few days of using it, I figured out the best way for me to apply without ending up with lots of fiber dust on my cheeks. I’ve been using the lashes on and off for a couple weeks now and I dig it for those days when I’m trying to be on my make-up A game (yes, I do have make-up B team days when I’m feeling lazy or I’ve misplaced my favorite make-up items and have to result to what’s at the top of my make-up drawer).

The fibers definitely make your lashes look fuller and longer. It also makes even the blackest, black mascara look more defined. Add a healthy dose of eyelash curler and it’s on.

When it comes to application, here’s a few do’s and don’ts

* Pick a separating mascara. If mascara tends to make your lashes stick together, this will only applify that. Pick a separating mascara and the fibers will go on smoother and, in my opinion, look the most natural.

* Don’t use it if you’re in a rush. When I tried to use this as I was rushing out the door, I ended up with fiber dust freckling my cheeks. This is not an “apply in the car mirror” mascara.

* Don’t get the fiber wand too close to the base of your lashes. When I got the wand too close, I ended up with some of the fibers in my eye. No bueno.

* Do use a mascara wand or clear mascara at the end to help separate out any clumps. Since the fibers are meant to plump up your lashes, inevitably some lashes may get stuck together. A quick swipe after application, before the mascara dries, will help fan out your lashes and break up any bonding.

I had someone ask me if these are a substitute for fake lashes and to that I’d say yes and no. These are WAY better than lash extensions and trying to apply singular lashes on the daily. They are perfect for making your lashes look fab on the daily. That being said, for a special occasion (wedding, gala, any night you’re going big, prom for the younger gals) I’d still go with fake lashes for that movie star, glamorous look. All in all, I’m sold on these and for $29, which is just about the same price as a department store label mascara, you’re not breaking the bank.

Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes c/o Taylor Haddock
I knew you all were curious about my ‘awkward mascara application’ face. Well you’re in luck. Here ya go.
You can continue about your day now, actually wait, here’s one more…

Disclosure: I was not paid for this post but was given a free product to try. All opinions, ramblings and thoughts are my own. 

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