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Beauty: Living Proof

Sep 26, 2013

Jennifer Anniston is my girl.

I mean, really, she’s not. But if the article you jumped to first in US Weekly corresponded to a real life relationship, Jen and I would be besties. Before this gets creepy and stalker sounding, I just dig her style. Mostly though, it’s the hair.

If you scope out this Pinterest board, you’ll see that no matter what the style- if J. Anniston is rocking it, I’m considering it. Here’s the problem though, my hair has none of her silky smooth, celebrity styled look. Mostly mine is always borderline too frizzy and perilously close to going into a ponytail (hell, I even rocked a pony at my wedding).

In an aspirational universe, I’d have the same silky smooth, golden locks. But since that’s unlikely, I’ve given the next best thing a shot (or fallen pray to marketing, either way I’m cool with it). Recently, Anniston launched her own haircare line with her stylist Chris McMillan – Living Proof. I’m a pretty tried and true drugstore kinda gal (Pantene or Dove) but I’d heard from Jessica that the line was pretty solid so last time I was at Sephora, I snagged a couple of the small, travel sizes of the frizz shampoo and conditioner (didn’t want to commit until I knew what I was in for). At this point, I’m just about at the bottom of the travel size and I’m planning on heading back for the full-size shortly.

First off, it smells delicious but more importantly my hair felt great after using it. The conditioner is the {Goldilocks} right mix of not too heavy but not too light. It also kept my hair from turning into a giant frizzy mess in the humidity of Alabama (although nothing could totally stop it). I’m thinking I’ll give a couple of the styling products a try on my second go-around. Now I just need to get my styling abilities on par with the level of products I’m using.


living proof.

Living Proof Shampoo & Conditioner

p.s. – This post isn’t even close to being sponsored (although it would have been cool if it was). I’m just a big time Jennifer Anniston fan girl and wanted to share my obsession/new found love of her new line.

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh man, Jen is my hair idol!! Thanks for sharing that she has new hair products. I’ve been using L’Oréal in recent months, which is fine, but I could do with less Kentucky- sponsored frizz!

  2. Jen Ramos says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Living Proof, I heard such good things!! Thank you for this post!


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