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Beauty: Seven Days of Saving Time with TRESemme

Mar 7, 2014

Quick PSA: Yay for Friday!

It’s no secret (i’ve mentioned it many a time around these parts) or surprise that the mornings are a little tricky for me. For one, it’s not that I’m not a morning person, it just takes me a little longer than most to get going. I can rise and shine with the best of them but it’s going to take me a good fifteen to twenty minutes to really hit my stride. This wasn’t a problem when all I had to do was get my lazy butt out the door but now that I’m tasked with getting a very opinionated and strong willed tiny human out the door (with a lunch and nine times out of ten, some other sort of school obligation), it’s a bit more difficult. So when I can find a decent short-cut for my morning routine, I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Here’s where the focus of today’s post comes in. Last week,  TRESemmé asked me to try out their 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection which promises to keep your tresses looking polished for a week or up to three washes. Um, did you say cut-down on my hair routine? Because if so, I’m down to try just about anything – well, except for cutting it (I know, I know, it saves time but I can’t bear to do it right now). I have a ton of hair, not necessarily thick hair but just a lot of it, which makes blow-drying and styling a serious time sucker. So when the offer to try out the shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment came in – I was a very willing participant.

Today I’m on day three (was hoping to have tried for a full week but this stuff was hard to find! sold out at two Walgreen’s before finding it at CVS) and I’m sold.

Here’s how it works:

smooth operator

So it may take you a tiny bit longer that first morning but afterwards, your locked in for way more manageable hair for the rest of the week.  I can have a serious case of the frizzies and this helped keep things looking smooth and sleek without all the frizz madness.  Luckily for me, I gave this a go during a week where I was crazy busy running from work to meetings to events and random kid obligations. I never had to worry about throwing my hair into the dreaded a.m. ponytail and it definitely saved me some time on my routine (praise the lord, I made it out of my house by 8 am this morning – I think it was the first time I have been early for car pool in months).

Here’s a look at the locks today:

p.s. – I tried to take some snaps this morning but the a.m. puffy pregnant face was nothing fit to share with the interwebs. 

Long {hair} story short, I’m thinking this is going to be my new weekly routine (you know, if I remember!).

TRESemmé is a salon-quality line of care & styling products that achieves the right balance between salon style and savvy spending in 2014. TRESemmé will INSPIRE SSS’s with beautiful hair and GUIDE them with stylist how-to’s using our cutting edge products on how to achieve the latest styles…from the CATWALK, the RED CARPET, HOLLYWOOD, and the STREETS of the most stylish cities… making their daily transformations easy, with amazing results every time.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Tresemmé via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Tresemmé.

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