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Beauty: The Search for the Perfect Straightener is Over

Jul 17, 2014

When it comes to my hair, my relationship status would definitely be “it’s complicated.” Some days it’s true love and some days I just want to cut it all off and change it completely (mostly just wish I had Blake Lively’s hair but don’t we all). On those bad days (and even some of the good days) it ends up in a pony tail.

Lately though I’ve been having a lot more of the true love days on account of this ghd pastel straightener. I’ve tried about every brand of straightner on the market and broke up with all of them but my relationship with this baby blue beauty is still going strong even after a couple months.

My hair is a weird mix – not curly or wavy but not straight, not really thick but packed full of hair (it takes FOREVER for me to get it colored and don’t even get me started on blow drying time) and it’s kind of frizzy – it’s a conundrum. One thing it is getting is long and so when it comes to styling, the easiest option is getting it straight and heading out the door.

First off this pastel pretty sings a little song when it’s hot and ready to go (just like a little teapot) and it does the job on the first pass. No more multiple swipes and lots of pressure to make sure it’s straight. More importantly (for me at least), is my hair stays straight. No weird (read: no cute) waves or frizzies that pop up after a couple hours on the go.

Can you tell I’m in love?

It may seem a little pricey but since it’s something you use a few times a week for a couple year, it’s totally worth the cost. And can you really put a price on a week’s worth of good hair days?

ghd pastel straightner ghd Limited Edition 1″ Periwinkle Professional Styler (c/o)



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