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Lacking Dignity, Shame and a Babysitter – What BTS of a Blog Shoot Looks Like

Aug 20, 2019

Have you all noticed the trend of #BTS posts on Instagram lately? Personally, I love them (Paige Arminta, Lauren Elyce and Rachel Martino do some of my favorites) but my behind the scenes are much less glamorous or fun. Frankly, they are kind of a shit show.

See I’m one of those people that wants to be prepared, thinks about preparing, then procrastinates and throws it all together at the last minute. I already told you all that I don’t do it all, but when it comes to the things I do accomplish, this is usually how it works.

For blog photos, I try to shoot a bunch of stuff at once to save time. I’ll pick a day based on what I need to shoot, for sponsored posts or things with a timely nature, and then I try and pack in a bunch of stuff around it – i.e. – outfits I love, random products I want to share, my latest sneaker obsession. I wish I could shoot more frequently but with work and life and Drew’s full-time soccer career (not really but these activities are like another job), I do my best to pack it all in to an hour.

This usually leads to me parked alongside Frankfort Avenue or E. Market Street, changing in my car and trying to avoid heat stroke and judgy looks from passersby. I’m pretty used to those and honestly, I get it. I look like a giant idiot but you do what you gotta do. I’m pretty sure there’s not a Please & Thank You patron at any of their locations that hasn’t seen me changing clothes like a moron in my mom mobile.

And yes, I usually feel like a total goon posing randomly on the side of the street but at this point, 8 years into this whole thing, I’ve lost all sense of shame or embarrassment. I mean, I’ve taken photos in .a Kroger and posed in front of a Walmart, so there’s really not much left of my dignity.

I want to be creative and do more out of the box stuff but nine times out of ten, I’m just trying to get shit done. And the last couple times, that’s been with at least one kid in tow. It’s no surprise that Reese likes to come along on these outings. She LOVES clothes and loves when I dress up, plus she’s the ultimate hype girl. Seriously, if you’re feeling down, you need to bump into Reese. She is FULL of compliments. Honestly, it’s inspired me to share compliments more because she gives them out left and right. Sometimes they can be a little Regina George-esque, “Oh my god, I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?” And I’m not sure if she’s using me to get candy but I don’t really care, a compliment is a compliment and I’ll take ’em every time.

Anyways, the last couple times she’s tagged along, I’ve asked McKenzie to snap a few pics so you could see the reality behind the square. As always, I try to keep it real and as much as I love a pretty picture, I love bringing it down to reality more. And since that includes sharing adorable pictures of Reese looking like an extra from Annie, I’m here for it.

These may be some of my favorite pictures of her ever. But mostly I wanted you all to know that I have used my daughter as a human coat rack on the side of Frankfort Avenue.

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