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Bundled Up

Jan 10, 2017

Winter really hit me in the face yesterday.

We escaped the absurdly cold days over the weekend so a quick trip to Key West. No complaints there – it was fun, filled with cocktails, kid-free and most importantly, warm. So basically it was pretty much the best four days you could be dealt in January. But the fun couldn’t last forever and we were hit with canceled flights and a two-day adventure to get home including a four-hour Greyhound bus trip from Key West to Miami. I could go into all the details of why our flights were canceled and our escape from the Southernmost point but I think I’ll save it for my Key West wrap up post in a few days. If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m guessing you saw the madness unfold. It was a mess.

Needless to say, we finally made it back and the minute I stepped out into the airport parking lot, I was physically assaulted by the winter temps. When we left it was the standard 45 degrees and overcast (working with a little of that today) and what we returned to was the arctic tundra. Single digit temperatures are no joke.

Cue this outfit. This jacket is the warmest one in my closet. It doesn’t necessarily look like it, since it thankfully does not make you look like the Michelin man, but it is SO warm. I wear just a regular t-shirt under it and am super toasty. I wish I was going skiing or doing something adequately outdoorsy in the next few weeks to put it to even better use. If skiing is on your docket, you should definitely give this one a look. It comes in a navy blue color too that I loved. Plus you can grab it for 15% off with code WINTER here since I’m sure we’re still in for a couple months of this dance. Same goes for the boots which are a solid mix of warm, comfortable and cute. Something that can be harder to find than you think. I wish I had these on hand for our trip to Vermont last year. They would have been so clutch.

So now I’m at my desk, dreaming of Rum Runners by the ocean while dealing with my inbox and dreading going outside. Anyone else love vacations but get irrationally bummed out when they’re over? Or is it just me. I’ll self-medicate with coffee and Netflix under a blanket (have you watched Man in the High Castle yet? I keep telling you guys you HAVE to watch it. So good.).

 Helly Hansen Iona Down Jacket c/o
Coach Beanie (old, seen before here; similar here and below) | J.Crew Lookout High Rise Jeans 
Helly Hansen Garibaldi Boots c/o

Images by Erin K Trimble 





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