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What Courtney Bought and Loved

Jul 3, 2019

Today is a post I am super excited to share since I’ve been begging my friend Courtney to do this for FOREVER.

See Courtney is that one friend that has the best gear, the most on-point product recommendations (case in point: she’s the one that hosts the annual Favorite Things party that I’ve talked about before), the one that always looks chic AF and totally put together no matter the occasion. She looks just as fab poolside with three kids, as she does at a black-tie wedding. Honestly, whenever I’m with her I’m more convinced she should be the one with the blog and not me.

In addition to all of the above, she is a mom of three boys – Patrick (4) and twin boys (18 months). If I had twins, I’d be the biggest hot mess express of all time, but Courtney does it with ease. I’m not the only one that can attest to this. Last week I was at dinner with an group of girls and we probably spent 10 minutes talking about how she manages it all while remaining so calm, cool and put together.

All of this is to say, she is the real MVP. But also, she is the QUEEN of a good product find. I won’t limit her to Amazon but it is where she does some of her best work. So today, we’re kicking off a series that I hope will become a regular feature over here –

Revlon One Step
Volumizer Hair Dryer

I’m admittedly the queen of watching YouTube tutorials on every day basic things – i.e. giving yourself a blowout. I’m convinced these girls have an extra arm we aren’t seeing somehow, because I always feel like I could give myself a bangin’ blowout if I could just take my head off and set it on my vanity for a minute to do my hair.

Enter the Revlon One Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. Instead of sectioning your hair, getting the brush in there, then picking the dryer back up to dry that section (you know this juggle – it’s impossible) you section the hair with your hand, get the Volumizer up in the root, and run over it a couple times to dry. You can pull it really tight to smooth frizz (it’s also a hot tool, which helps that too), get close to the root for volume, and it’s a huge brush, so you avoid the overly turned-under ends. Gah. So many words about a hair tool. But this is a GAME CHANGER. Trust.

Note from Danielle: I saw Courtney after she used this for the first time. A. Her hair looked fabulous. Like it has been professionally blown out. B. I’ve never heard someone so enthusiastic about a product before. No lie, she convinced our entire table of girls to order it immediately. It was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I don’t use it enough because my hair is so long but when I do… it’s so good. 

DripDrop Hydration Packets – Watermelon

This is like the Pedialyte hangover trick for grownups who can admit that Pedialyte tastes like salty garbage and it never really helped that much anyway.

You pour a stick of DripDrop powder in an 8 oz glass of water (I use a 32 oz yeti because I don’t like it so concentrated) and it claims that it rehydrates as effectively as an IV.  It has electrolytes without a ton of sugar (7g). I use them if I’ve had too many drinks the night before or even if I’m just feeling that cottonmouth, too much coffee, not enough water this week feeling. They are effective and they taste good and I tried to think of something else to say about them, but that’s all I got.  I even gave them to my kids when they had a stomach bug – these guys are nice little workhorses to have in the pantry.

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