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Creative Louisville: Jess Harrison * Dollface Brows & Beauty

Nov 10, 2016

Creative Louisville is back ya’ll! Sorry for the hiatus but pumped to be jumping back in head first with today’s feature. So without further ado…

Meet Jess.


Not going to lie, I’m pretty obsessed with Jess and her new salon, Dollface Brows & Beauty. I stopped by the Nulu salon (it’s right around the corner from Please & Thank You) last week and after one visit I am officially hooked – my brows are transformed. More on that in a second but first, back to Jess. Her salon is truly darling. The pink and minty green decor immediately stole my heart (clearly we share a love for this color palette) and Jess’ welcoming personality and dry humor had me feeling right at home. It was like meeting a long-lost bestie – funny, smart, frank and so easy to talk to. I don’t think there were more than a few seconds of silence during my entire visit – we chatted about everything from brows (obviously), to family, to favorite spots for drinks and the Louisville church picnic scene (one of my favorite topics). All this chit-chatting allowed me to get the full scoop on both her business and her recent move to Louisville.

See Jess and her husband JUST moved here in May from Brooklyn. Neither of them are from Kentucky which makes the move even cooler, I think. I always love when people recognize how great Louisville is and make the choice to move her without already having anchors to the area. She told me they are loving their new hometown especially because of the great creative community, cool neighborhoods, affordable cost of living and of course, the bourbon and food. More of her favorites to come.

Back to the brows really quick. You guys, when I say my visit to her salon was a transformative experience – I am not exaggerating. I’ve been trying to grow out my brows for months and while they were looking better, they were still super sparse on the ends. After a tint and shaping from Jess, I was looking like a new woman. My brows look fuller than ever thanks to the tinting and she gave me a road map for getting them into peak condition. Throughout the entire process, she gave me the low-down on how to achieve your perfect brow. Letting me know where they are supposed to start (just inside the bridge of your nose), showing me the proper arch placement and giving me a tutorial on how to fill them in to get that natural, model-off-duty look. It was like going to the hair stylist but for your brows. Instead of one giant strip of wax, she applies it to one single spot at a time, working her way until she has them just so. It was a flurry of dabs of wax and quick tweezing. When she handed me the mirror to check out her handiwork, I was seriously amazed. I may or may not have audibly gasped and squealed in delight.

Again, I can’t say enough good things about my experience. So before you get to know Jess better – I’ve got some great news. She’s offering an exclusive discount for Lou What Wear readers on your first visit through December 3rd. 

So make your appointment now, promise you won’t regret it. And if you go, snap a pic of your brows and tag me – @louwhatwear! I would LOVE to see!


 I Love being in Nulu and I felt like there wasn’t anything like Dollface in the neighborhood, which made it feel like the perfect fit.

It’s been a labor of love. This is my first dedicated storefront and I think there is always a learning curve! Overall, though, it has been really exciting and fulfilling to watch the space go from being a white room with no floors to what it is now. I am a bit of a perfectionist so it can be hard for me to step back and see the big picture but my husband, family and friends always help to keep me grounded and proud of my achievements.

As I always say, your best brow is close to what nature gave you. Full, natural brows and beautiful skin are a womans best look and the easiest way to look polished without putting in tons of work every morning.

Let it all grow out. A full brow growth cycle is 28 days and you want to try and keep your brows on one growth cycle, so put away the tweezers and enjoy being worry free. You will be pleased to watch your shape last longer and require less maintenance as the months go on. As far as tinting, we recommend finding a complimentary brow filler to use when tint begins to fade, or just to give your shape a little extra shine!

Right now I would say Lily Collins. That skin, those brows! Swoon.

Chloe Moretz. Cara Delevinge. Margot Robbie.

I wanted to be able to give my clients what then needed and know that I could stand behind what I was selling them, so I decided what better way than to create a brand under the Dollface Brows & Beauty name!

I started simple with a line of four brow powders. I love these because they look and feel super natural, and the compact comes with a mirror, which makes putting on your brows in the morning a breeze! A beautiful, dual-sided brush with both an angle brush (for applying the powder) and a spoolie for blending the color. We have a beautiful pair of hand filed tweezers that are made in Italy, a clear brow gel for grooming and correcting those wilder brows and setting them into place everyday and, finally, an amazing growth serum for those who are having a hard time coming back from those dark days of over tweezing or are just naturally thinning out and need a little boost!

I would say the growth serum is something I am really excited about, because if your brows are full and healthy it makes achieving your ideal shape very easy. Bonus, you can also use it on your lashes! It is all natural, paraben-free, and uses peptides and plant oils and extracts to encourage growth, not hormones!

Brow tint! Lash and brow tinting is the best! It’s a gentle and effective color, created for brows and lashes exclusively, that simply fades away over the course of a month. It takes between ten and fifteen minutes to apply and process and can shave that much time off your morning makeup routine. Your brows are left looking fuller and more defined without the help of cosmetics and lashes are left looking longer with deep rich color from root to tip!

I can’t wait to see Dollface become a part of the community and hopefully expand! We are excited to be bringing our quality goods and services to Louisville and we don’t want to stop there. I am hoping to find some amazing non-profits that help the women and children in the community to align with as well. I believe that giving back to the community that supports you is paramount when it comes to running a successful business. Then maybe a baby or two…lol.


Okay so now that you’ve gotten to know Jess a little better, head over and make an appointment before December 3rd so you can get that discount!

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    I can’t wait to try this place out! Calling tomorrow!

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