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Creative Louisville: Kimmye Bohannon – The Weekly Juicery

Sep 24, 2015

Meet Kimmye. 

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Kimmye Bohannon is the boss lady behind The Weekly Juicery, a Kentucky-based juice bar with locations in Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimmye briefly at an Original Makers Club event but was a fan of her company long before our introduction. I’ve done a few cleanses but always had to order them from New York or California – and then pay a small fortune for shipping – until I stumbled upon The Weekly Juicery at Nulu Festival a couple years ago. I was very pumped to hear about a local company bringing their fresh juices to my neighborhood in St. Matthews. Now I stop by their Bauer Road location (which is literally five blocks from my house) whenever I’m in need of green pick me up.  Beyond the yummy and good for you juices and smoothies, their store is bright, airy and always staffed by the friendliest people. It’s not intimidating like some health food places can be and they are always happy to help and explain the details on juicing.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have noticed that I completed a two-day cleanse from The Weekly Juicery last week as part of their community cleanse. I did one day of Level Two and one day of Level Three (bring on the green juice!). Documenting the experience made the whole thing a lot more fun and I got a ton of questions about the process. Since I am no expert, I figured we’d bring in the lady behind the juices to tell her story and the inspiration behind the brand.

I may pop back in this weekend and share my tips and thoughts on the whole cleanse process in case you’re thinking about giving it a try (you definitely should!) but in the meantime get to know the woman bringing fresh juices to all corners of the Commonwealth. You can’t help but be inspired by the success she’s seen after staring the business in her kitchen, all while loving what she does and creating a brand with such a strong following.


* NameKimmye Bohannon

Company: The Weekly Juicery 

* Title: Ringleader

*  How did you get started in your fieldI started this business in my kitchen. I loved healthy, organic juice and I wanted to make it accessible a broad audience.    My neighbor and I took turns making juice each week for each other to make juicing more convenient.  I wanted to share this magic with a much larger group.

*  What inspires you? Being a student and a teacher.  You should always be both in this life to realize your full potential.

*  What three words best describe your work: Passionate, Hard, Fun 

*  What three words best describe you: Charismatic, Driven, Fun 

*  One thing about you that might surprise people: I go to bed by 8:30 most nights.  Very early to bed!


Why Kentucky? So many people end up leaving Louisville, what helped keep you in the Commonwealth? Kentucky is my home.  I love it here.  It’s a perfect balance between big city/small town feel.  

Favorite Louisville Neighborhood: Clifton.  I love the feel of the homes and businesses that interweave perfectly as a community and extended family.

 Favorite Spot for a DrinkThe Weekly Juicery.  I love playing mixologist with our cold-pressed juices.  Refreshing and delicious!  We’ll host some cocktail parties soon!

Favorite Lunch Spot: El Taco Luchador. I love it. Plus I always shop at the Pink Door Boutique next door!  Hidden treasure. 

Favorite Dinner Spot: Tie:  Kashmir and Ramsi’s Cafe on the World

* You’ve got to tryKashmir.  I loved Indian Food and I love the owner at Kashmir.  He’s my friend and I love seeing him when I’m there.

* Favorite Festival: Nulu Festival.  No doubt.  We have some much fun there every year.

Favorite Pizza Spot: Wick’s.  I love the atmosphere as much as the pizza.

If someone is visiting from out of town and only has time to go to three places, where do you send them? Nulu, Cherokee Park and Churchill Downs. 


 Since you’re Lexington based, where are your five favorite spots you’d recommend to someone making a day trip to Lexington. 

1.  Cup of Commonwealth for coffee and pastry.  You’ll get a high 5 and a great vibe for your day.

2.  Magee’s Bakery:  Can’t make a bad choice on breakfast here.  Everything is delicious.

3.  Good Foods Coop:  The vegan salad bar, hot foods and soups  = paradise for healthy eaters.   LOVE.

4.  Stella’s Deli:  For late lunch or dinner and drinks.  Quaint and lovely.  Tomato soup = to die for.

5.  Tour the Ashland Estate:  Henry Clay’s Home then have drinks at  the CCI.  Chevy Chase Inn.  No frills drinks.   An institution near my house.


* What inspired you to open The Weekly Juicery?  I wanted to make great, cold-pressed juice accessible to many people.  Making great juice is hard work.  I wanted to make it convenient for busy people that don’t have time to source mountains of produce and clean juice machines.

* How has juicing and owning this business changed you? I honor and hold esteemed every small business owner.  It’s a passion and love that keeps it going!

*  What’s been one of your favorite moments since opening The Weekly Juicery? Opening our first store.  I’ve always wanted to “keep shop”.  Dream realized.

*  What’s your favorite juice? Tie:  Green Lemonade and Debo’s Remedy.  I drink both every day

*  What would you say to someone who has never cleansed?   Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take it slow and first begin incorporating cold-pressed juice into your daily routine before taking on a juice cleanse. 

*  What would you say is one of  biggest benefits of cleansing? Digestive rest.  Giving our overworked digestive organs a vacation is the biggest benefit of juice cleansing work.  In extended digestive rest, we embark on a journey to turn back the clock and begin healing our over worked systems.

*  Best juice to start the day? The Lively Lemon.  Alkalinizing for our body, plus a nice wake-up.  Cold-pressed lemon, alkaline water, cayenne pepper.  It’s a zinger for sure to get you going.

*  What’s next for you and The Weekly Juicery in Louisville?  More locations.  Pronto.

  * Know a Creative Louisvillian who you’d love to see featured? Drop me a note,, and let me know why you think the world needs to know about them. 

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  1. Shannon says:

    Love Weekly Juicery!! One of my favorite spots in Louisville. “Sweet Heat” smoothie is amaze.

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