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Meet Quinley.


While I haven’t met Quinley in real life, when you follow someone for so long on Instagram – you start to feel like you know them (which is weird I know). She’s an Alabama girl who’s living in Louisville and making all kinds of gorgeous jewelry. I’m personally a huge fan of her tassel necklaces but she’s always creating new pieces that can be purchased directly through her Instagram account (@sincerelyquinley) or through her Etsy shop. You may have also stumbled upon her creations at local Louisville boutiques like Work the Metal or Blu Boutique. 

I’m excited about featuring someone who’s not a Louisville or Kentucky native in the series since it’s always fun to hear what about their favorite spots – what they’ve come to Love in Louisville.

And I’m even more excited about a giveaway we’ve got going on Instagram where you can win one of Quinley’s gorgeous tassel necklaces. Figure out which one is your favorite below and then head over to @louwhatwear to enter!


* Name: Quinley Etheredge

* Company: Sincerely Quinley

* Title (be as creative or straight-forward as you like): Owner/Designer

* How did you get started in your field? With my background in  the retail industry I started making jewelry for the boutiques I managed. It was a great way to start because I could fed off of customer requests, trends, and it catapulted me into business. 

* What inspires you? Fashion blogs, friends, my own personal style

* What three words describe your work best: personal, creative, one of a kind 

* What three words describe you best: caring, open, fashion obsessed

* One thing about you that might surprise people: I used to be scared of dogs, now I have two of my own and I am dog-obsessed! 



* Why Louisville?: I love Louisville! After calling Alabama home for 28 years we decided Louisville was the next step. We enjoy the food, the culture, and the weather (most of the time!).

* Favorite Louisville Neighborhood: St. Matthews

* Favorite Spot for a Drink: Crescent Hill Crafthouse or Milkwood 

* Favorite Lunch Spot: Ghyslain or Atlantic No. 5

* Favorite Dinner Spot: Jack Fry’s, Asahi, El Mundo 

* You’ve got to try (or go to): 8up, Hammerheads, Proof on Main, Doc Crows (I love eating by the way!) 

* Favorite Festival: St. James Art Festival 

* Favorite Pizza Spot: Coals 

* If someone is visiting from out of town and only has time to go to three places, where do you send them? Nulu, Waterfront, a great dinner spot (there’s SO many)

* Where in Louisville can people find Sincerely Quinley? Blu Boutique in Middletown, Modern Elegance in St. Matthews and Work the Metal in Butchertown 

img_0444JUST Quinley

* Tell us a little about the inspiration behind starting Sincerely Quinley? I was inspired by customers who shopped at the boutique where I used to work. I’ve also always been inspired by my personal style and so you will see a little piece of me in each item that I create. 

* When did you start making jewelry? When I was in middle school. Remember those hemp necklaces and plastic braided bracelets? Yep, I loved them! 

* What are your goals for the line? To meet as many customers as possible and maintain a wonderful customer base. 

* Whose style inspires you? Olivia Palermo

* Who would you love to see sporting Sincerely Quinley? And what type of piece would they be wearing? See above. OP- she would love a statement piece I’m sure and would have it styled to perfection. 

* What’s been a pinch me moment for your brand/career? Whenever I see how my customers style their jewelry. I love the variety and differences of each person and how they make the pieces their own. 

* What store would you love to see carry your pieces? Macy’s! Would be a dream! 

* What brands would you love to collaborate with? I love working with bloggers and I think each has their own brand. It is awesome seeing your jewelry being worn by people who have fantastic style! 

* What advice would you give someone starting up their own jewelry business? Research the field and know that being self-taught mixed with advice from others who’ve been there will get you going in the right direction. It definitely takes the will to be a self-starter and you have to remain consistent. 

* What’s been your favorite piece you’ve ever made? A bracelet that I had just enough to make one piece- I sold it and it hurt a little because I really wanted to keep it for myself! 

* What’s next for you and Sincerely Quinley? I hope to grow my online presence through my website via blogging and a shop tab to make it easier to shop online 

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