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Boyfriend & Blush

Mar 1, 2017

I’ve told you all before about how forgetful I can be, right?

In college, I lost my driver’s license more times than I can remember and the amount of times I locked myself out of my house and car is embarrassing. My phone goes missing at least once a day and I’ve been known to wander around my house aimlessly looking for my keys.

On my trip to Sea Island a couple weeks back, I was in peak form. It all started without my driver’s license (again) after mysteriously losing it in a purse change (ended up finding it last week). Then I left my phone in a McDonald’s bathroom (I realized it shortly after pulling onto the highway and they had, thankfully, found it) and ended things by leaving my camera behind in my friend Tiffany’s car.

Which is why, to make a long story short,  I’m so behind in sharing this look.  I’m going to bring it full circle by telling you that this Dagne Dover bag (and all of their styles) come with this amazing strap attached to the bag where you can hook your keys. It can’t save me from losing my wallet, my driver’s license, my head but it has helped me keep track of my keys. It’s the little things, right?

Ann Taylor Polka Dot Blouse (similar) |
Banana Republic Boyfriend Jeans 
Banana Republic Ribbon Tie Heels | J.Crew Leopard Belt 
Dagne Dover Ava Bucket Bag 
J.Crew Gold Earrings (can’t seem ’em but you need these!)

Pretty pumped that I finally fit back in these boyfriend jeans, although I realize I have a few more lbs to go before they fit like they used to. Paired it with my favorite ribbon heels and a simple polka dot blouse (love Ann Taylor for all the bell sleeve blouses) for our last networking event at The Southen C Summit. 

Also, it must be said that I totally didn’t realize until after carrying this Ava bag for a full week that I could snap up the sides for the cute bucket look. So yeah, this is how it’s supposed to look. Just don’t mind me {insert hands over eyes emoji}.

Photos by Tiffany Olson

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  1. Hah, this 100% sounds like something I would do. I’m notorious for putting my keys down somewhere, and then having to retrace all my steps to figure out where I left them. I’ve taken to just locking my keys in my car and using the number panel on the outside to get in if I know I’ve got a chance to leave them behind!

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