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Derby Dress of the Day: For Thurby!

Apr 18, 2017

Whether you’re like me and cringe when you hear the term or you absolutely love it, Thurby is a thing now.

It used to be that Friday – Oaks Day – was the big local day but as more and more people (and sponsors) come to the track Derby week, Thursday has become more of the Louisville day at the track. And since we all love dressing up for a day at the track, the fashion ante has been upped with the rise of Thurby.

That being said, it’s not a go all out, big hat, fancy dress kind of day. It’s kind of Derby-light, a more laid-back vibe with less of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with Saturday’s festivities. And speaking of pomp and circumstance, you may want to ditch the hat for Thurby. If you’re dying to wear some kind of headwear – go for a more casual wide brim straw hat or a simple, small fascinator. 


Just like with the sliding scale of formality for Derby and Oaks, you’ll want to be a little more formal if you’re in the Jockey Club Suites, Turf Club or Millionaire’s Row than you would be if you’re in a first floor box or the grandstands.  My tip is to pair your hair, make-up, and accessories with the formality of each area. The good thing with these options – they can be dressed up or down according to where you’re spending the day.

What to wear to Thurby * Churchill DownsEliza J Stripe Tassel Dress | Leith Cold Shoulder Midi-Dress | Eliza J Stripe Fit & Flare Dress 

Clearly, I was in a blue mood when hunting down dresses but I love how these options could look just as fabulous on a 20-something as a 50-something. Plus these are all good options if you’re heading to the track with clients or work colleagues. And if blue isn’t for you, the middle dress comes in a few different colors as well as a tank style, if you’re not into the whole cold shoulder thing.

In case you’re not in a blue mood, here are some more options that fit the Thurby bill.

Not going to lie though, I’ve been a little disappointed with the options this year for Derby. I can’t seem to find more of the standout options that have been so easy to find in the past. If you’ve got any tips or favorites you’ve found, send them my way!


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    Love the stripes!


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