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Derby Dress of the Day: Navy for the Paddock

Apr 24, 2014

So right now the weathermen say it’s not supposed to rain for Derby. They also aren’t saying that it’s supposed to be all clear though – so you may want to keep that in mind when prepping for a day at the track, especially if you’re going to be outside. Oh and don’t bring an umbrella (unless you don’t mind abandoning it at the gates), they’re not allowed. Instead snag a rain jacket that folds up, a poncho or a giant garbage bag and pack it in your purse.

I’ve never minded a rainy Derby (it hasn’t slowed me down in the past) but it can be a pain if you’ve got a big hat. Hayley’s look today was picked for the paddock or grandstand seat and would work especially well for a rainy day. This headpiece is pretty small so you donb’t have to worry about carting it around all day or smushing it under a poncho if it starts raining. I also like that this outfit is polished and pretty but comfortable for along day of walking around.

p.s. – Uber is now in Louisville, check out this post for all the details and a $20 promo code!

Dress: The Audrey Net Dress available at Dress & Dwell; Necklace: Dandelion (also available in mint): Headpiece: Headcandi

Modeled by Hayley Grant.
Images by Whitney Neal.

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