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Derby Dress of the Day: For An Outdoor Box

Apr 9, 2013

Okay I’m back. Sorry about starting out the week with radio silence but on a last minute whim, Drew and I drove to Atlanta for the NCAA Championship. Since he lives for the Louisville Cardinals, we knew it was an opportunity we/he couldn’t miss. If you follow along on Instagram, you probably saw our array of selfies but if not you can check them out here.

Now that the tournament is over, it’s officially Kentucky Derby time. The hunt for the perfect Derby dress can take weeks or it could be the first one you lay your eyes on. After last year’s Derby season, I realized that a lot of people landed here after searching for some Derby pointers. I know that local ladies are often Derby pros but if it’s your first time coming to the races, dressing can be a bit of a challenge.

I’ll never forget seeing people decked out in the infield (I’m talking full stilettos, hats and fancy dresses) and watching gals struggle to walk after a long day standing in the paddock. So to help people get an idea of what to wear no matter where your seats (or lack of seats) are, I’m starting a new series – the Derby Dress of the Day.

Each day from now until Derby (gotta take into account last minute shoppers), I’ll be posting a dress and where I’d wear it. I’ll still be sharing my normal array of outfit posts, shopping fun and inspiration, the dress will just be an extra little happy. Hopefully this will help get you in the Derby spirit.

And as much as I love online shopping, I know that actually getting into the store and trying dresses on is a necessity for some – so if you’re a local boutique and you’d like to get in on the action – snap a pic (or a couple pics) of your favorite dresses and send them over to


Derby Dress a Day

Tibi Velocity Denim Dress

What I’d wear it with: Since you’ll have a seat, you can go with heels. My pick – these DVF wedges. You’ll have enough support to conquer the crowds but the lift and height to add a little sex appeal. Don’t forget to pack a pair of flip flops though. You may want them by the end of the day.

As far as a hat, since the color pallet on this Tibi beauty is soft you can do something a little bolder on top. I love a fascinator and I think one with some bright green would be a lot of fun. Local gals, head over to Dee’s and make one with their team of professionals. Out of town and looking for a custom hat? Email Britni at HeadCandi (, send her a picture of your dress and she’ll whip one up for you.

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