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Feeling Florals: 10 Floral Maxis Under $100

May 16, 2018

You know those days when you wake up and you feel like you’re hitting on all cylinders? Like everything is going just as it should be? Well that was me this morning. I woke up without needing to hit snooze, my kids woke up in a good mood, everyone got ready on time, I mean I even showered, blow-dried my hair and put on high heels. We even walked out of the house 10 minutes early. It was a modern miracle.

And then it was all deflated. Literally. I got in my car only to find a flat tire waiting for me. Cue the sad horn.

Just like that, all my plans for the morning and day went out the door. But hey, sometimes I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.

After attempting to change out my tire on my own (and failing miserably), my dad came to the rescue and now, halfway through the day, I’m getting back on schedule. Mostly just trying to make lemonade out of this morning’s lemons. 

What better way to wipe it all away than with a frivolous and fun floral maxi dress? At first when I started seeing floral maxis, all I could think about was the early 90’s. I couldn’t get past it until spotting this one. The color, small print and price tag all had me willing to try out the trend. No surprise, I’m into it.

Love the idea of throwing one on straight from the pool, hair tied up in a bun with simple sandals. It’s the easiest way to go from day to night. And since there’s so many good options out there now, I thought I’d round up a few for you all. There’s such an ease and simplicity to these, pretty sure we all need at least one in our closets.

Summer Floral Maxi Dress * 10 Maxis Under $100

TIARE Hawaii Surry Maxi Dress
Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo Wedges 

10 Floral Maxis Under $100

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