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This is a PSA. Less public service though and more personal service announcement. If you’re not watching Ladies of London (don’t act like you don’t know it’s on Bravo – what other channel could it possibly be on?), you need to start now. Seriously, right now. Set your DVR now because this show has replaced Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as my favorite Bravo reality show. Side note: I don’t count Top Chef as a “reality show” per say because it’s more of a competition.

No joke, Ladies of London may be my favorite part about Mondays now especially since there is a giant void left by the Bachelor hiatus. It’s all the good stuff of the Real Housewives series without a lot of the yelling. Yelling on TV really annoys me, it’s why I find it hard to watch cable news.


Here’s the quick rundown: This is the second season of the show (LOVED that first season just as much) that features a mix of American ladies living in London with some real badass British bitches including Caroline Stanbury, a longtime London socialite with the most swoon worthy closet you ever did see and Annabelle Neilson, a former model who was in the same crew as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and who was besties with Alexander McQueen.

The American gals include Juliet Angus – she’s got a fashion blog now but used to work in fashion PR – and Marissa Hermer, whose husband Matt owns all these badass night clubs and restaurants in London. There’s also Jules Montagu, a crazy yogi who happens to be married to the heir of the Lord of Sandwich. Last but not least, there’s Caroline Fleming who is a Baroness in Denmark.

Just look at that closet.

This is pure reality TV candy. These gals have the best clothes (want. it. all.), plan absurd parties for the show that I always want to attend (bowling at the fanciest bowling alley I ever did see in custom shirts with CHAMPAGNE, yes please) and while there is plenty of drama – it feels a little more highbrow. It’s like fancy secondary embarrassment. Have I convinced you yet? Because I need to. I REALLY want the show to get a third season so like all my favorites, I try to get people on board to avoid having to deal with the TV loss (still mourning the loss of Revolution).

Next weeks episode has the girls heading to Caroline Fleming’s family castle, yes you read that right, her family CASTLE for a weekend. This comes after their quick stop in Copenhagen where they shopped for furs that cost more than my car. So posh. So good.

So do me a favor (or just do yourself a favor) and do a little marathon this weekend. I can’t guarantee you anything – I’m not the Men’s Warehouse guy – but I’ve got a hunch you’re gonna love it. If not, well you can just come back here and tell me all about it.

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