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Growing up, I was always obsessed with a horseshoe necklace my mom wore, for a period of time, nonstop. It was a signature piece for her and she still sometimes breaks it out. A little oversize for my liking now but still a awesome, classic piece.

So last week when I came back home to find a horseshoe necklace of my own from Chloe + Isabel, I was excited to have one of my own. I put it on Monday and haven’t taken it off since. I love that it’s dainty (but not too small) and has a slight touch of sparkle. Every Kentucky gal needs a horseshoe necklace, especially at Derby time – and at $28 this one is hard to pass up.

I’m thinking it may have even been a lucky charm for our trip to Atlanta. Here’s hoping it brings more lucky my way in the days to come!
Do you have a lucky charm or a ritual you do to bring good luck?

chloe + isabel lucky horse charm necklace c/o brooke perellis
The lovely Brooke Perellis, a chloe+ isabel stylist, sent this beauty my way and has put together a collection of her favorite Derby baubles here. If you’re wanting to snag this necklace in time for Derby, you’ll just have to order by April 23rd. And while I love this for racing season, I think it is such a classic piece that you can wear it all wear long with just about anything.
Side note: I love how their jewelry comes in a bag with a little string inside that attaches to the necklace to keep it from tangling. Genius.

Paired with neon stripes.

With a Madewell cut-out tee at last night’s Fleetwood Mac Concert.

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  1. AJ wrote:

    The horseshoe necklace is beautiful! I love how its not pave crystals, they are more emerald cut.


    Posted 4.12.13 Reply
    • Danielle wrote:

      Isn’t it fun? Such a good day to day necklace this time of year.

      Posted 4.13.13 Reply
  2. Liz wrote:

    Totally buyimg this now 🙂

    Posted 4.12.13 Reply
    • Danielle wrote:

      Yay! You should post a pic in it on the lou what wear facebook page! i’d love to see!

      Posted 4.13.13 Reply