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Favorite Things: One Less Errand to Run Thanks to Dryel

Dec 18, 2014

I hate running errands. Like hate it with a passion.

I didn’t used to but I quickly learned that with kids, anything that should only take a couple minutes will inevitably take 5x longer. I think it’s Newton’s lost fourth law of motion.

Anything that can save me from having to spend Saturday mornings getting to tasks I obviously never made it to during the week is a huge win in my book. So when Dryel asked me to become a brand ambassador and try out their at-home dry cleaning system, I was all about it. Especially because when it comes to the hell that is running errands, the dry cleaner is the absolute worst. Carrying all that stuff in, trying to make sure your kid isn’t playing in traffic while avoiding judgement from passerby’s (with NOTHING in their hands) while also managing to lug in a giant car seat – no thank you.

For my latest dry cleaning runs, all I have to do it trek down to my basement (which is safe from judgmental passerby’s). The kits include everything you need to keep your ‘dry clean only’ and delicates safe. You just break out the booster spray to treat any spots or stains and then throw everything in the dryer bag alongside an Ultra-Cleaning Cloth. Then you throw it all in the dryer for 15 minutes (quick refresh) or 30 minutes (deep clean). I’ve already used it on the sequin jacket below (it got an unfortunate wine stain on it at dinner) and these dresses that I needed to get back in the rotation fast for the holidays.  The starter kit is only $7 so I suggest you throw it in your cart on your next “what am I here for?” Target run. Definitely better than anything you’re going to find in that dollar aisle.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dryel but all rambling opinions and thoughts are my own. As always, I would never talk about a brand or product I didn’t actually use and totally dig. 


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