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Jan 12, 2013

Happy Weekend Friends!

This weekend I’m hoping that a last minute change of plans gives me a little time to get some stuff done around my house. I can’t lie, I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately when I walk into my humble abode. I feel like everywhere I turn there is a project I want to tackle, a mess that needs to be cleaned up and lately, an issue that needs to be fixed (read: plumbing clogs, leaky roof and the assorted problems that come with it). I can’t seem to figure out where to start (from a time and mostly money perspective) so I ended dancing in circles while accomplishing little to nothing.

I’m bummed because a last minute change of plans means I won’t be getting to meet the super stylish Beth for lunch today. We’ve been going back and forth on some collaboration ideas and we’ve rescheduled for Thursday so stay tuned to see what comes of our brainstorming.

I’m also looking forward to talking to her about some of my blogging woes. I always try to stay positive about my little corner of the internet but sometimes I can’t help but get a little discouraged when watching others take off. I think I’m stuck in a weird place. But rather than let it get me down, I’m going to try and use it to create stronger, more Louisville-centric content (step one: get my camera fixed AGAIN!), work on networking more and putting more positivity out into the world. Step one: this week’s required reading.

* I met Kristin from Living in Color Print at Lucky FABB and have been following her blog and on twitter ever since. If you’ve been checking out the Southern Blog Society, you may have seen her feature there this week. I love her style but I was especially smitten this week with the first post in her EAT. DRINK. SLEEP. guide to Napa. Makes me want to book a flight!

* Tweed, lime and leather don’t seem like a natural combination but I loved how Kaitlin from Secretive Style put it all together. Side note, that skirt is from Target!

* Speaking of Target, they released the look book from their upcoming Prabal Gurung collaboration and I’m excited. Not going to lie, I think most of their collaborations are over-hyped and I don’t end up liking much of the collections. This one looks different. I’ve already got my eye on at least four things. No doubt I’ll be in line on February 10th.

* I’ve been crushing on Cheetah is the New Black a lot lately and this week is no different. I’m obsessed with this look. She makes yellow pants in winter look de rigeur.

* And I’ll end things with my favorite read of the week. Nikki from Bedazzles After Dark nails it in explaining how I feel about my aforementioned blogging woes. After reading it I realize I am stuck in this gray area where I share a ton of my “vapid life” (outfit posts & shopping fun) but not as much as what’s going on in my “real life.” Which is mostly sitting behind a desk at work, rushing everywhere (I have a serious issue with running late – ask my husband, boss, anyone), and cleaning up at home.  Now that stuff isn’t very exciting or fun (hence why it’s not shared) but I’m hoping to make things a little more real around here this year. That means more TV fashion talk (strictly TV talk is housed over at, more getting real  and most importantly doing more of what I set out to do on Lou What Wear – showcase Louisville style.

So if you want to show off a little of your own personal style (or your pal’s rad outfit), then drop me a note with a picture – I’ll be posting those more often! AND if you’re a local boutique, designer, event, etc. I want to hear about what you’ve got going on. Let me know about it at

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  1. I read this post first on my phone so I wasn’t able to comment. I love this little round-up & not just because I’m in it. Can’t wait to see more of YOU too throughout 2013!
    Nikki at

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