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Fitness: Resolution 2015 – Run the Derby Festival Mini-Marathon

Jan 26, 2015

So let’s get this out of the way quick. I totally bailed on the fitness posts for a while. In all honestly, getting to the gym is HARD these days. Anyone who’s busy knows the drill. For me, the classes I love are normally at a time that I can’t make – either in the middle of the day or in that 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. range. The latter would be perfect if I didn’t have those kiddos to pick up but all that running around has me not wanting to leave my house once I make it there. I also am insanely envious of the midday work out crew. My hair is totally uncooperative and the hustle to and from the office gives me a mild anxiety attack. TMI? Sorry.

My saving grace has been my treadmill and Apple TV. When we bought the treadmill Drew assured me that I would stop using it after a couple months and we’d be begging someone to buy it on Craigslist. I think we’ve had it for almost two years now and I use it at least times a week. Love it so much. Convenient, allows me to catch up on the TV shows I have to watch solo (there are a bunch) while also allowing me the keep an eye on those little people. When the thought of running gives me the sads, I’m not embarrassed to say that I crank on Apple TV and do Zumba videos. I found this bad ass instructor out of Seattle who posts videos of her classes on You Tube. Her name is Medora and her Dance Fitness videos are the best ever.   If you like to shake your groove thing but are nervous about hitting up a class, Medora has come to save you. I like to make my own class with my favorite songs but she’s also posted a full class that you can do here.

That dance break aside, the reason I’ve been trying to run more isn’t just so I can catch up on my DVR. I signed up, along with my friends Caitlin and Hayley, to run the Kentucky Derby Mini-Marathon this year. I’ve always been one to throw out a “aw hell no” when it comes to running a marathon (I still can’t come to terms with the people running when it is snowing/raining/sleeting outside – you are not the Postal Service, you can take the day off), but this year I’ve decided to cross it off my bucket list. This is going to be a challenge since the most I’ve ever run consecutively without stopping is like four miles. So there may be a few walking breaks during the 13.1 miles but I’m committed to finishing it. I’m sure there are some experienced runners out there reading this (and laughing) so if you have any tips – please share – I’m gonna need all the help I can get.

To stay committed I’ve got my two friends to help keep me motivated, the fact that I put this out in the universe and a Fitbit that monitors my every step (pretty obsessed with it right now). I’ve also bought way more running gear cause I figure if you look good, or at least better than old college shirts and ratty gym shorts, you’ll feel good and get off your butt. Seriously, putting on workout gear is half the battle. Once I’m in the clothes, I make myself get moving.

Lately I’ve been scooping up lots of the GapFit work out gear. The quality is awesome and the sales are even better. Oh and you can’t see it really well in these pics but on these pants but there is this awesome stripe detail down the legs that I am obsessed with. Makes me feel like I have a clue what I’m doing when we all know I have no idea.

GapFIT Gray Running Hoodie and Black Leggings (similar)
Nike LunarGlide 6 Running Shoes in White Flash/Liquid Lime (which is also now my new running nickname)
p.s. Gap is offering 30% off today so this gear is on sale!

Photos by Whitney Neal
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  1. If you’re interested in doing long runs with a group, I am co-leading a free training group through 502 Power Yoga here in Louisville.

  2. Abby says:

    When training for the derby mini, run past 13 miles. Work your way up to 15 or 16. That way, when it comes time to race 13.1, it will feel shorter than what you are accustomed to. 🙂 happy running; maybe we will run past each other at the race!

  3. I’m taking on the full marathon this year, yikes, but it’s really all in your head, I swear. Norton/KDF has a training guide on the KDF website if you’re looking for an idea of how many miles to run a day, and we do group long runs Saturday mornings! I’ve ran the half a handful of times, if you need any tips/guidance give me a shout.

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