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Carrying It All

Oct 17, 2017

Do you ever feel like you’re just carrying too much? Not literally, although my hands have been pretty full too lately. But these past few weeks, I’ve felt bogged down. It’s the good kind of stress. The kind that motivates you to take on more, the kind that makes it exciting to get out of bed but it’s still stress. And lately, I think I’ve taken on too much. It’s starting to weigh me down a little bit.

I think we all have the ability to juggle a few balls at once. Everyone has their own set (sorry I’ve rewritten this sentence like three times and can’t help but giggle every time), for me right now it’s family, work, home, health and the blog. I’m pretty confident I can manage two, maybe three, at a time and lately the blog and the whole health/fitness ones have fallen by the wayside. I find myself brainstorming posts in the shower but never finding the time to write them. I schedule workouts and never make it. And then I start beating myself up about it. Does anyone else find themselves in this spiral? But with trying to start a new business and keep up with all the boring, less sexy parts of self-employment while also managing the work, there’s never enough time.

For me, it’s come down to overcommitting. I’m typically a yes person, attempting (and often failing) to be a people pleaser. But in the past couple weeks, I’ve realized I’ve said yes to too many things, signed my kids up for way too many activities (how did I become this person) and spent too much time trying to fit everything in. So while I’ve had so many great things happen lately, keeping up with it all has left me so stressed out that I’ve started grinding my teeth and fighting a perpetual cold. Putting a filter on life sure makes things look nicer but it’s certainly not always the reality.

So I’m making the choice today to get back into the routine. To start a new season, one where I care a lot less about keeping up with appearances or mostly just trying to make my Instagram look exciting, and more about sinking into a simple reality. Does anyone else thrive in a routine? I’m a creature of habit and in serious need of a few slow weeks. So while the traveling has been fun, I’m looking forward to seeing more basketball games than beaches.

I’m sharing this more to let you know that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine, new clothes and travel. There’s days when you feel like quitting. And I’ve thought about letting this go but I hope you all will stick with me through this season. I know it’s been a lot of “I’m busy and overwhelmed” lately but I’m hoping to figure things out and get back into a groove over here soon. Until then… here’s an outfit I put together a few weeks ago and have been meaning to share ever since {????}.

Blank NYC Faux Leather Jacket (more options here)
Peplum Tee from Dress & Dwell 
Banana Republic Distressed Denim (old, more options here)
Adidas Tubular Sneakers | Fossil Backpack c/o

Because I Love Sneakers so Much…

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