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Fresh Start – Lou What Wear Got a Facelift

May 11, 2020

Hey Party People! Long time, no post. I’m guessing some of you all thought I decided to give up on the blog. Not going to lie, it crossed my mind.

This whole quarantine season, like it has for so many of us, stretched me to my limits. Between keeping up with things at Lemonade, home schooling, becoming a short-order cook and trying to keep my head on straight, it’s been a test of my patience. I needed to push one thing off my plate to maintain sanity. The blog, understandably, had to take a bit of a backseat. Mostly because by the time I’ve looked up from my standard to-do’s, it’s almost 5 o’clock and time to start my chef duties for the evening.

With Derby being delayed, I also felt a little defeated. I had shot all this fun content and was super excited to start sharing it and then BOOM. No Derby, no parties, no leaving the house, no getting dressed up. Having all that lined up and then scrapping it was disappointing and left me a little defeated. Corona times have been a mix of emotions. Certainly challenging and stressful but it has been nice to have more time to just hang out with the kids. Although those moments are often fleeting and quickly interrupted by a fight or fit.

One other reason I’ve been unmotivated to post is because for the last six months, I’ve been trying to figure out my plan for updating this website. Earlier this year (or maybe even last year), I worked with my very talented friend, also named Danielle, of Melon Vine Design  to update my logo and branding. Initially the color palette was more colorful which ended up presenting me with challenges when it came to the website design. I did the customization on my last site and knew I could probably manage again with the right theme. But figuring out the color combinations had me hitting a road block every time. So I would put it off for another day when I would again revisit it, hit a dead end and quit.

Last week I got an itch to just knock it out. Earlier this year, I purchased this theme from empress themes (an amazing resource for bloggers of all genres looking to update their websites easily, this is the Pearl for reference) and figured it was time to finally get to the finish line. I neglected the majority of my other obligations (which led to a lot of messes to clean up) and focused on getting it done. To minimize my customization frustration, I changed the logo to black and white, kept the color palette simple and got to work. It was a time-consuming project that had me working into the night all week (I went back and recategorized EVERY blog post) but now it’s here and so worth it!

My goal for the site is to provide you with a much easier way to access and find content, whether it be Kentucky Derby inspo or Louisville-centric posts. I also want to share more quick bites. Things I’m currently shopping for, reading, listening to and watching. I’m working on one more addition which will allow me to share quick review of local spots to incorporate more of the Louisville element into the site.

For my fellow shopping enthusiasts, I created these two pages that allow you to shop my instagram and this ‘in my cart’ one full of seasonal favorites. I will be updating this frequently and will keep you posted on when you can find new selections. If any of you are on the hunt for something specific, you can drop me a note and I’ll put one of these together with options for whatever you’re on the hunt for.

Anyways, enough talk. I’ll let you take a spin around and let me know what you think (and if you find any wonky links or things not functioning correctly). If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, let me know that as well I want to make this a resource for you all.

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  1. Amber says:

    Looks so profesh!! Proud of you!

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